8 Reasons to Love Window Seats

A cozy bed surrounded by bookshelves and a window.

Window seats are cozy, charming and functional.  They contribute to the architectural interest of a room and can function as supplemental seating and storage.  Window seats provide a cozy spot to enjoy a good book or a place to daydream while taking in the view.  Here are eight reasons to love window seats.

A living room with a cozy window seat.
Cozy window seat for reading and relaxing (dzineblog360)
  1.  Architectural Appeal

Window seats give windows an instant appeal and offer a great finishing touch to key spaces in the home.  Trimmed nicely to integrate with the existing architecture, window seats give structure and dimension to a room.  In addition, they are great features to a bay window.

A living room with a black and white coffee table.
A living room window seat is a great architectural feature (brickunderground)
A cozy living room with large windows and a window seat.
A window seat is a great feature for a bay window (yacineaziz)

2.  Auxiliary Seating

The window seat offers additional seating for the living room.  Accent it with soft cushions and throw pillows for a welcoming spot for visitors.  In the winter, when sitting by a window may get drafty, have soft throw blankets handy.

An elegant living room with a chandelier.
Window seat provides extra seating (brickunderground)
A living room with cozy couches and a coffee table.
A window seat functions as extra seating in the living room (modernfurnituredecor2014.blogspot)

3.  Storage

There is plenty of room for storage within a window seat.  Accent it with drawers or simply outfit the window seat with a hinged top for hiding blankets, books and other items inside.

A cozy living room with a couch and a TV.
A window seat as part of built-ins provides extra storage and seating (mspmag)

4.  Cozy Reading Nook

The window seat is a favorite spot for readers, where they can cozy up with a good book.  Built into an alcove, the window seat can be surrounded by bookshelves to keep books handy and offer a place to set a drink.  This is also the best light in the house during the day!

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Modified description: A cozy bedroom with a bed and a chair.
A cozy little nook created with a window seat (bookkunkiesanonymous.blogspot)
A cozy window seat with a rug and a view.
Window seat (Houzz)

5.  Kitchen Dining Nook

Bay windows are plentiful in the modern eat-in kitchen and this is the perfect spot for a window seat.  Pull up a table and a few chairs on the opposite side and you have a great spot for meals.  The window seat can be a bit of a space-saver as well since additional chairs may not be necessary.

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A white kitchen with a white table and chairs, featuring 8 Reasons to Love Window Seats.
Beautiful window is accented with a window seat (m.kraftmaid.com)
A dining room with a table and chairs in front of windows, highlighting the benefits of window seats.
A window seat in the kitchen for ample seating (interiorish)
A dining room with white chairs and a painting on the wall featuring window seats.
A quaint breakfast nook is created with a window seat (decoist)
A dining room with a table and chairs in front of a window featuring window seats.
A beautiful kitchen nook with window seat (arcadianhome)

6.  Relax and Enjoy the View

When the view is the feature of the room, a window seat is the perfect perch.  Relax and enjoy the scenery.

A window with a telescope providing 8 Reasons to Love Window Seats.
A window seat to enjoy the view (myzestyliving)

7.  Take a Nap or Host Overnight Guests

A wide window seat can be used as an impromptu bed for overnight guests or a spot to snuggle up for a nap any time.

8 Reasons to Love Window Seats in a Living Room
Comfortable window seat is large enough for a nap (decoist)

8.  Enjoy Light Therapy

Natural light is good for your spirits.  What better place to enjoy it than sitting by the window?  Use a window seat to augment your favorite light-filled spot in the home and enjoy the benefits.

A window seat in a serene white bedroom.
A bright spot to enjoy the view on a comfortable window seat (HGTV)
8 Reasons to Love a Room with a Pink Couch.
Pile on the pillows for a cozy window seat (furnishburnish)
A dining room with large windows.
A window seat creates a cozy eating niche in the kitchen (goedekers)

The window seat is a versatile and stylish enhancement.  They can offer function, comfort and enjoyment in any room of the home.  Now, stand by your window and imagine your very own window seat.  How will you enjoy it?


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