Trend Alert: Faceted Interior Design for Fascinating Dimension

A dining room with faceted interior design.

Interior design trends come and they go.  Geometrics are still somewhat fresh for 2016, but this trend has taken on new dimension with faceted interior design.  Think of a diamond and its many facets, or the angles of a freeform shape.  Sharp, edgy and dimensional, faceted surfaces are taking form all across the design realm.  Let’s explore some of the ways you can include this unique design element in your home.

A reception area in a modern office with a faceted wooden counter.
Analog Folk fit-out and interiors by Design Haus Liberty, London


Faceted tiles are a unique treatment for your walls.  The added dimension gives rooms a completely distinctive look.  Geometric shaped tiles are made from materials such as wood, concrete, ceramic and even recycled paper.  Use them for an accent wall or in the powder room for dramatic effect.  Faceted tiles look great in the kitchen as a backsplash or arranged creatively in any room to form your own artwork.

A living room with a faceted wooden wall.
Unique faceted wall adds dimension (design-milk)
A person is touching a faceted wooden hexagon wall.
Wood tiles by Monoculo Design Studio (design-milk)
A close up image of a wall with faceted triangles.
Tre Concrete Wall Tile (residentialproductsonline)
A dining room with faceted interior design.
V2 PaperForms modular recycled wall tiles add multi-faceted dimension (materialst)
A chair positioned in front of a faceted wall of hexagons.
Wall tiles for KAZA Concrete (

Interior Elements

Modern homes with faceted interior design elements are sharp and edgy.  Kitchen counters with unique asymmetrical angles give these modern spaces a distinctive style, while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

A black and white kitchen with faceted interior design elements.
Faceted kitchen counter (
A faceted white kitchen with a wooden counter top.
Faceted counter (trendir)

Windows and walls with creative angles are showing up in homes and businesses, giving modern character to interiors.

A faceted living room with large windows overlooking a city.
Faceted window (marvelbuilding)
A faceted living room with a couch and chairs.
Uniquely shaped interior incorporating faceted design (floornature)

Work cubicles take on a new dimension with faceted design.

A faceted office with people working in it.
Matt Gibson Facets Studio (designboom)

A modern edge is given to commercial building interiors with faceted ceilings and cabinetry.  Sharp angles are indeed prominent in these structures.

A large building with a faceted reception desk.
Unique faceted reception desk (designcurial)


Architecture is presenting a fresh take on geometry.  These are not your everyday four-square homes or businesses.

A modern house with a faceted interior design.
Faceted architecture (designlike)
A glass building with a faceted triangular shape.
Unique faceted architecture (simplehomeinteriordesign.blogspot)


A living room with a faceted interior design featuring a fireplace and a striped rug.
Faceted pendant light (BHG)
Three faceted paper pendant lights hanging from a grey wall in an interior design setting.
Phil Cuttance Faceture Series 2 pendant lights (decoist)
Three faceted black and gold pendant lights hanging from a white wall.
Tom Kirk Facet pendant lights (darklightdesign)

Home Accessories

Home accessories are an easy way to add faceted design to your home.  Mirrors, vases, appliances and even bedding embrace the dimensional realm.

A faceted mirror hanging on a wall.
West Elm faceted mirror (bestofinteriors)
A faceted mirror featuring a flower centerpiece in its interior design.
Cool faceted mirror (Pinterest)
A bed with a cozy blanket.
Elisa Strozyk Wooden fabric (patternpeople)
A faceted vase with a flower in it.
Faceted vases (freshdesignpedia)
Three faceted glass vases on a table.
Beautiful faceted vases (home-designing)
A black and white kitchen with a faceted interior design.
Faceted small appliances (patternpeople)
A bathroom sink with an ornate faceted design.
Kohler faceted sink (Pinterest)


Furniture designers are

Fascinating pop art ideas for inspiring your interior home decor
A pink and gold faceted-sideboard with a bottle of wine.
Boca do Lobo limited edition Diamond sideboard (buffetsandcabinets)
A wooden box with a geometric faceted pattern on its exterior.
Faceted sideboard (
A sideboard with a geometric design made of wood, featuring faceted interior design.
Unique faceted cabinet (archiexpo)
A wooden side table with a modern vase on it.
Unique faceted side table by Plantation (Houzz)


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