10 Rooms with Mid-Century Modern Glamour

A living room with a large painting on the wall, featuring Mid-Century Modern Glamour.

Although the mid-century modern style is known for its simple, classic lines and smooth profile, there are ways to make it glamorous.  By implementing new colors, bold prints and sumptuous fabrics, the timeless pieces of mid-century design are transformed.  Gleaming metallic finishes on lighting and accessories make the mid-century silhouette stand out.  See how to transform this iconic style in the following ten rooms with mid-century modern glamour.

A living room with couches and a fireplace in a Mid-Century Modern setting.
Mid-century modern glamour (thesnackpot)

1.  Interior designer Jonathan Adler, the king of happy chic, knows how to revive pieces with vibrant unique character.  Replacing the tried and true avocado green and mustard yellow of mid-century modern furniture with fresh blue and cream with gold trim infuses pieces with instant glamour.

10 Living Rooms with Blue and Gold Furniture
Mid-century modern glamour (Interior design by Jonathan Adler, interiorsbydesign.net)

2.  Taking the popular starburst chandelier a step further with a gold finish and crystal accents adds glamour to this room.  The gold trim is picked up again on the table base.  Metallic spheres further carry the lustrous vibe.

A dining room with a pink chandelier and white chairs featured in
Mid-century modern glamour (Pinterest)

3.  A classic velvet Chesterfield sofa balances out a pair of mid-century chairs that are embellished with fur throws.  This elevates the room to glamour status.

A living room with a large painting on the wall featuring Mid-Century Modern Glamour.
Mid-century modern glamour (Pinterest)

4.  The purity of white can be quite glamorous by itself, but add acrylic and glass objects to the space and it becomes so much more.  The gentle curves of mid-century chairs contrast nicely with the spikes of the starburst chandelier above the table.  The silhouettes of the furnishings and lighting are pure mid-century but they are given a modern update of glamour with the use of white and acrylic or glass accessories.

A dining room with large windows overlooking the ocean in a glamorous mid-century modern setting.
Mid-century modern glamour (sukio)

5.  Contrasts in interiors create rhythm.  When a multi-faceted mirror and stainless steel furniture accents are added to the mid-century modern room, the space is uplifted.  Along with these shining elements, gray walls and upholstery lend glamour to this room and provide a backdrop for the warm wood of the furnishings.

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A dining room with a table, chairs, and a mirror infused with Mid-Century Modern Glamour.
Mid-century modern glamour (housetohome.co.uk)

6.  Abstract and functional art combine in this mid-century modern interior to create a unique glamour.  The table and painting make a bold statement, while leather and velvet are used on the mid-century modern furnishings to drive up the glamour quotient.

A living room with a large painting on the wall, showcasing Mid-Century Modern Glamour.
Mid-century modern glamour (simplifyfabulous)

7.  A beautifully symmetrical design can exude glamour on its own.  Add to that statement-worthy lighting fixtures and high quality mid-century furnishings for a classically detailed glamorous space.

A living room with mid-century modern glamour and a chandelier.
Mid-century modern glamour (Architectural Digest)

8.  Sometimes all it takes to increase the glamour of a space is the view.  Mid-century furnishings are subtle and simple, providing the perfect balance to the stunning views from floor to ceiling windows.  Appealing rhythm is achieved in this space by the round rugs opposite the circular ceiling enhancement.

A living room with large windows and a red couch, showcasing mid-century modern glamour.
Mid-century modern glamour (designshuffle)

9.  Color, sumptuous upholstery, mirrors and classic lighting augment this mid-century modern interior and transform it into a whole new take on the style.  The color choices are unexpected and work well with the materials to elevate this look to glamorous.

A brightly colored living room with Mid-Century Modern glamour.
Mid-century modern glamour (Fig House Los Angeles, sahomeowner.co.za)

10.  Simple touches, such as a cool and uncomplicated color scheme, can glamourize a space.  The starburst mirror and table linens are simple accessories that can make a big impact.  The sleek lines and uncluttered aspect of mid-century modern furniture allow it to blend with more opulent accessories without making the room overdone.

A dining room with blue walls showcasing mid-century modern glamour.
Mid-century modern glamour (HGTV)

Let your mid-century modern rooms shine with glamour by including updated colors, luscious fabrics and shimmering accessories.  Transform the classic mid-century silhouette by seeing it from a new perspective and reveal a fresh side to this iconic design style.



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