The Serenity of the Coastal Bedroom

Coastal style bedroom
Coastal style bedroom (Pinterest)

What better way to achieve a completely relaxing and serene bedroom than to incorporate a bit of coastal style into the design.  There’s no need to go overboard with nautical accents and beach themed décor.  The truly coastal bedroom is about subtlety and freshness.  The serenity of the coastal bedroom is in its cool colors and relaxing nature derived from comfort and visual ease.

Cozy coastal style bedroom
Cozy coastal style bedroom (homebunch)

Waking to the ocean breeze through an open window and gazing out at the horizon may not be an option, but you can certainly create a space that is as soothing.  Soft blue walls with bright white trim create a space that is calming and fresh.

Fresh coastal style bedroom
Fresh coastal style bedroom (Houzz)

For the beach cottage vibe, mix in rattan pieces with natural wood and accent with beach glass hues.

Coastal bedroom style
Coastal bedroom style (HGTV)

A room of pure white gets its coastal charm from a striped rug and fresh appeal.  Windows remain bare to let in plenty of natural light.

Coastal bedroom
Coastal bedroom (Houzz)

A few seashell prints over the bed can be an inspiration point and give the coastal bedroom just enough beach accent.

Coastal style bedroom
Coastal style bedroom (Pinterest)

Soft cream walls offer a fresh neutral backdrop reminiscent of beach sand.  Watercolor paintings, sea-glass inspired lamps and accent pillows of aqua enhance the costal aesthetic.

Coastal bedroom style
Coastal bedroom style (Houzz)

The blues and greens of the ocean surround this cozy coastal bedroom.  Simple white sheers at the balcony door lend softness.

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Coastal bedroom style
Coastal bedroom style (decordit)

Coral and soft green merge to form a peaceful beach-inspired bedroom.  Always a perfect combination, coral and sea green play upon an island vibe.

Coastal bedroom style
Coastal bedroom style (decoratingfiles)

Clean and simple blue and white is a crisp combination for the coastal bedroom.  The ceiling anchored bed may give you the impression of sleeping on board a ship!

Fresh coastal style bedroom
Fresh coastal style bedroom (ourboathouse)

The warm colors of coral and sand make this coastal bedroom inviting.

Coastal bedroom
Coastal bedroom (HGTV)

The blue banded window panels and anchor above the bed give this bedroom a nautical spirit.  Splashes of bright coral add just a touch of color.

Coastal bedroom
Coastal bedroom (bedrooomdesignpro)

This bedroom calls to mind tropical breezes and a hammock is at the ready for a nap.  The cool colors of blue and green are soothing and restful.

Airy coastal style bedroom
Airy coastal style bedroom (

Blue and tan combine to create a room that is relaxing and welcoming.  Coastal touches include the prints of seashells and sea life all framed alike.  This gives the arrangement a very clean and cohesive look.

Light-filled coastal style bedroom
Light-filled coastal style bedroom (homebunch)

A bit of whimsy is always welcome in the coastal bedroom.  Stepping into this bedroom is like escaping to your best beach vacation memories.

Charming coastal style bedroom
Charming coastal style bedroom (residencestyle)

Create a bedroom that is calming and serene with coastal flair.  Subtle hints of color and simple décor give the coastal bedroom its allure.



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