4 Unique Paints to Make Your Basement More Fun

A person using a paint sprayer on a white wall to make their basement more fun.

There are paints that can help you waterproof your basement, take advantage of natural light, and make your walls easier to clean, but what if you want to use paint to create an interactive space? You might not have thought that paint can provide an interactive environment for you and your family, but think again! Here are three paints that will turn your basement into an artist’s easel.

Disclaimer Before You Begin

If you’re just looking for fun, then you can probably paint these on the walls yourself. If you want it to be fun and look nice, it’s a good idea to hire professional interior and exterior painters to do the job.

Also, make sure your basement is finished and ready to paint before you get started. It would be unfortunate if you painted the walls before getting all the plumbing and wiring checked. All your hard work would be ruined by problems behind the walls. Be sure to work with an experienced basement contractor before getting started. They’ll let you know what needs to be done before you start painting.

Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboards are helpful at the office and at school, but they can be a lot of fun too. Kids can draw pictures, adults can leave messages for their friends, and drawing games become a lot more accessible and fun.

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These paints work with regular dry-erase markers and erasers. Like whiteboards, they do require regular erasing and cleaning to stay fresh. The white paint will also reflect extra light because of its glossy finish.

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Chalkboard Paint

If you prefer chalk to dry-erase markers, you can pick up some chalkboard paint. Most chalkboard paints will require regular sticks of chalk in order to work. You won’t be able to get away with chalk markers.

A dining room with a chalkboard wall painted with unique paints.
Kitchen and dining room in industrial loft space

However, chalk is a fun outdoor activity for children, and this gives them the chance to have a similar experience. If your floor can be painted, you can even add a section of floor that has chalkboard paint on it. Then they can get the full driveway chalk experience indoors.

Glow in the Dark Paint

Are you a party animal? Do you throw the best Halloween party in town every year? Do you just want to mess around with glow in the dark paint in your basement?

A man painting a tree in a dark room using unique paints.

Glow in the dark paint is great for having some fun in the basement and expressing your creativity. If you regularly host parties in your basement, it can add excitement when you turn out the lights and your designs light up.

You can get in both permanent and washable variants. The washable choice is great for decorating for Halloween or your next rave. However, if you want to experiment with permanent glow in the dark paint, you should hire a professional unless you’re an artist yourself.

Conductive Paint

Smart homes are becoming a more affordable reality for homeowners. One cutting-edge way to make your basement interactive is to use conductive paint. This essentially turns your wall into a smart wall, whereby touching it in specific areas allows you to control devices and lights.

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Drawing a circuit with a marker and a pen using unique paints.

This paint can be practical or artistic – you can paint on a control panel to touch-control a room’s devices, or you can create a touch panel that changes the color of the lighting of the room. Switch on music, activate your electric fireplace or change the room’s temperature – all are possible using conductive paint.

Get Started! Get Creative!

If you’re especially artistic, you could find creative ways to incorporate each type of paint. This isn’t limited to your basement – experiment with other rooms of the house.

The main limit is your imagination.

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