Upcycled Lighting That Adds Charm & Character

An upcycled table is set up in a barn with a lot of lights.

Upcycled lighting adds charm and character to any interior. Attractive lighting is a crucial part of making your decor absolutely perfect.  Often, there are many lighting choices at the home improvement store.  And, they are all very similar and often somewhat mundane.  Therefore, upcycled lighting is a fun way to make your lighting unique.

Also, an upcycled light fixture adds your own personal stamp. Imagine displaying a favorite collectible as a light fixture.  Or, imagine incorporating a hobby or interest into a the theme of a light fixture.  The possibilities are endless when you create your own unique lighting.

Upcycled lighting doesn’t need to be difficult.  In fact, it can be fun! It lets you use your imagination.  Also, lighting projects are quick and easy to finish.   Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Light kits are easily available at most hardware stores, craft stores, and home improvement stores.  For the most part, the lighting kits are inexpensive and easy to assemble.  Also, upcycled lighting is great for the environment.  It saves old or other unwanted materials from going to the trash.

Let me share some unique and charming examples of upcycled light fixtures.

An upcycled lamp with a light shining on a trombone.
Wall sconce constructed from a trumpet (bengkel.kaodim.com)

This trumpet was upcycled into a wall sconce.  The creator of this piece hid the wiring inside the instrument.  Therefore, this gives the wall sconce a classic look. This light is perfect for a musician’s studio. This is an example of upcycled lighting that reflects the owner’s favorite hobby.

A man reading an upcycled book in front of a drum lamp.
Upcycled Lighting: snare drum lamp (bengkel.kaodim.com)

Similarly, this lamp is made from a snare drum.  As with the trumpet wall sconce, this lamp has the wiring fed through the legs lending a clean look.  Also, it gives this lamp a sleek and modern look.

What To Do With An Unused Dining Room
An upcycled light fixture with graters hanging from it.
Cheese Grater Chandelier

A chef or home cook would love a chandelier made from cheese graters.  Similar to the musical instruments, this cheese grater chandelier reflects the personality of the decorator. The wires are hidden neatly on the top side of the wood base.  Additionally, it adds character and charm to a kitchen.

Upcycled glass bottles hanging from a wooden wall.
Suspended gin bottle lights

Gin bottles find new life!  This chandelier, recycled from gin bottles, adds a warm glow to any room.  Of course, this can be adapted to wine bottles or soda bottles. And even mason jars would work in a similar manner. You can personalize the project to your own taste.  And, this is sure to be a conversation starter at every party you throw!

An upcycled chandelier with three lights hanging from it.
Basket Light with Pulley

A basket light offers a more industrial look.  In addition to the basket, this light fixture also upcycles a barn pulley.  So, if upcycling one item is good…then upcycling two items must be great, right?

An upcycled glass bell hanging from a light fixture.
Vase Pendant Light (bengkel.kaodim.com)

Use a treasured crystal vase as a pendant light.  Also, this is a great way to use an infrequently used item.  In addition, the cuts in the crystal will refract the light and give a soft glow.

An upcycled light fixture hanging from a ceiling in a room with green walls.
Washing Machine Drum Light (bengkel.kaodim.com)

So, you have heard of a drum light.  But, have you ever heard of a washing machine drum light?  This is a fantastic way to recycle and add character.  Also, this is a very easy to assemble lighting project and takes only a short time to complete.

A upcycled table is set up in a large tent with a lot of lights.
Steel Tub Lights (bengkel.kaodim.com)

If your style is more traditional, you’ll love these pendants.  As you can see, they are constructed out of simply charming wash tubs.  Finally, this is super simple project can be completed in about an hour.

Modern Kitchens with Color and Character
A collection of upcycled metal lamps hanging in a store.
Roof Fan Light

We have all seen unsightly roof fans on top of buildings. Let’s make them beautiful! Of course, this is a more industrial, almost steampunk, and very custom look.


Upcycled lights hanging from a ceiling.
Tea Cup Pendant (bengkel.kaodim.com)

Finally, these pendants are made from sweet little teacups and saucers.  First, drill the bottoms of the cups and saucers with a diamond bit.  Second, turn them upside down and run wires.  Finally, suspend them from the ceiling and enjoy!

In conclusion, these are only a very few examples of upcycled lighting projects.  Besides these items, your own home is probably a treasure trove of charming and unique items that can be repurposed into lighting.

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