6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Home

A black and red living room with a polka dot rug is featured in 6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Home.

Polka dots are whimsical and timeless.  Used in patterns large and small or in varied sizes, polka dots can bring a sense of fun to your interiors.  Not just for kids’ rooms, polka dots can be used in any room in the house.  Here are six reasons to love polka dots in your home and how to use them.

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A settee is transformed with polka dots (thefhd.net)
A room with green walls.
Polka dots inject a sense of whimsy (tagota)
A living room with a charming grey polka dot wall.
Polka dot walls create depth in this modern room (Etsy)
A kitchen with a center island and bar stools.
Subtle polka dot pattern on these kitchen chairs (theinspiredroom.net)
6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Dining Room.
Polka dot wall adhesives add a touch of character (modernhomeinteriordesign)

1.  Add a touch of whimsy to your rooms with polka dot pillows.  An unexpected pop of color and pattern, the polka dot pillow fits into many decorating schemes.

Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Home: Colorful pillows on wooden bed.
Polka dot pillows add whimsy (Pinterest)
A living room with two wicker chairs and a bookcase beautifully decorated with polka dots.
Polka dots blend in nicely with a neutral scheme (Houzz)
A living room with teal couches and ottomans decorated with polka dots.
A smaller pattern polka dot is refined (Pinterest)
A living room with a tan couch and blue pillows featuring polka dots.
Polka dot pillows mix well with other patterns (Pottery Barn)

2.  A polka dot rug adds another dimension to a modern interior.  The dots play against the straight lines of the furniture and add a touch of softness to the space.

A living room with a fireplace and a staircase featuring Polka Dots.
A polka dot rug adds dimension to this room (designlike)
A black couch in a living room with polka dots.
This multi-hued polka dog rug blends beautifully into this modern space (cooqy)
A living room with a vibrant rug.
This polka dot rug adds a splash of color and pattern (decozilla)

3.  Polka dot upholstery is fun and flirty.  Add it to the back of dining room chairs or upholster an entire chair in polka dots.  A smaller print fits unobtrusively into a traditional living room.  A large print polka dot adds character to a modern living room.

Navy and white polka dot loveseat for your home.
Go bold with a polka dot sofa (jozzdug.org)
Polka dot chair.
Add whimsy and character to furniture with polka dots (bestofinteriors)
A dining room with a glass table and chairs featuring polka dots.
A neutral polka dot print sits in style (onlinefabricstore.net)
A dining room with yellow curtains and polka dots.
Polka dot charms on these dining room chairs (European-web.org)

4.  Polka dot walls really perk up a space.  Downplay the pattern in a bedroom with a tone-on-tone pattern.

A black and white polka dot bedroom featuring 6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Home.
Polka dot walls play center state (creativehomeidea)
A bathroom with polka dot wallpaper.
Pink polka dot softens this bathroom (Pinterest)
A bedroom with polka dot bedding.
A spray of polka dots enhances this bedroom (town-n-country-living)
A black and white bedroom with polka dots.
Tone-on-tone polka dots make a sophisticated wall covering (bellemaison23)
A room with polka dot wallpaper featuring a chair.
Interspersed with other designs, the polka dot takes on a sophisticated air (popsugar)
A staircase with black and white polka dots.
Perk up an entryway with polka dots (interioroholic)
Polka dot wall decals: 6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Home.
A bold pattern of dots for a modern room (cuhosted)

5.  Add a light touch to interiors with polka dot window treatments.  Long panels or cornices enhance windows and frame the room.

A living room with a couch and a chair featuring polka dots.
Polka dot cornice accents the room (cooqy)
6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Living Room.
Polka dot curtains frame the room and add character (afroglobe.net)

6.  Inject some unexpected color and fun into your interiors by painting polka dots on furniture.  Modernize a traditional piece or go for a more subtle dot pattern.

A colorful polka dot chest of drawers adds charm to your home.
Fun and vibrant polka dots enhance this chest (evimleben)
A room with a colorful table and chairs that showcases 6 Reasons to Love Polka Dots in Your Home.
A bit of polka dot over-kill, but a fun art installation (easiteco)


A red dresser featuring polka dots next to a lamp.
Subtle dot pattern (royaldesignstudio)
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Description: A stylish and sleek chest of drawers adorned with timeless polka dots, adding a touch of elegance to any home.
Polka dots add charm to this piece (vintagefarmhouseme.blogspot)

Polka dots are fun, whimsical and classic.  Like that fun little polka dot dress, this pattern is charming and timeless.  Add a few to your home – on the walls, floors, furniture or with accessories.  Go bold with bright colors and large dots or go more subtle and classic with smaller, monochromatic dots.  Any way you choose, polka dots come right to the point in your home.


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