10 Ways to Bring Organic and Natural Elements into Your Interiors

A living room with large windows and a rocking chair.

The ability to bring organic and natural elements into your interiors is something homeowners have strived for since ancient times. We love to see plants growing inside the home. We also love to bring flowers home. Both of these are beautiful and therapeutic.

Plans inside the home also improve breathability and add a natural calmness that can be very relaxing and satisfying.

Unfortunately, it’s never easy to bring organic and natural elements into your home without upsetting the décor. The following are a few tips to consider.

1. Bring in the sunlight 

One of the most straightforward ways to bring more natural elements into your home is to open the windows and let the natural light shine into your home. Get rid of the heavy curtains and any window treatments that may block sunlight and replace them with lighter sheers that let in natural light. You may even want to create additional windows so you can see outside more while inside the house.

2. Welcome raw design with brick walls 

Vintage, industrial-style exposed brick walls have made a huge comeback recently, and for a good reason – homeowners are finally starting to appreciate their value. Exposed brick walls instantly connect you with nature. Whether rugged or smooth, they make you feel like you’re in the real world. Make sure to ask your constructor about options. Also, consider hanging artwork on the wall to connect even more with nature.

Welcome raw design with brick walls

3. Find natural elements that make you feel at peace 

Everyone has something that makes them feel more connected to nature. For instance, some people enjoy the view of natural rock walls in the kitchen. It instantly makes them feel more alive. Meanwhile, others are more excited by dark mahogany wood floors. Choosing materials that easily blend into the rest of your décor while simultaneously reminding you of nature is an excellent way to bring that natural touch into your home.

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4. Consider wood finishes 

Wood finishes are another thoughtful yet discreet way to bring natural and organic elements into your home. The best part is that there are needless options from which to choose. You can even have a lighting fixture with wooden elements. However, flooring, ceilings, and ceiling beams are the most common ways to utilize wood finishing within the home.

5. Install a herb garden in the kitchen 

Install a herb garden in the kitchen

Herb gardens are both functional and aesthetic. They allow you to grow your ingredients right within the kitchen while also sprucing up the place. You can easily create a herb garden using bolted baskets or small wooden crates. Ensure you place them in direct sunlight. Also, don’t forget to water them. Plants need water to grow.

6. Bring in natural wood furniture 

Fortunately, wood furniture is already very popular as they are beautiful and strong. To create a strong feeling of indoor nature, look for artisan-crafted furniture that add a rustic or country appeal to your home. Alternatively, you can opt for antique wood bedroom and living room furniture. Contemporary options are also available with minimal lines for show-stopping appeal.

Bring in natural wood furniture 

7. Bring nature into your daily activities 

Enjoying a glass of wine outside on the porch allows you to throw yourself into nature. However, that’s only possible if you let a few organic elements creep onto your porch. For instance, many homeowners now let tree branches extend above the porch. It doesn’t have to be risky, though. Make sure it’s pruned properly.

8. Bring a few flower pots inside 

Many people already do this, which is great. However, it’s only half the job done. Keeping the plants alive throughout the year is even more important. So, be prepared to water and care for them. If you’re not very good with indoor plants but still want one, go for succulents. They are very easy to care for and can withstand weeks of no watering.

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Bring a few flower pots inside 

9. Schedule weekly flower deliveries 

We’d all do with a beautiful bloom of flowers. So, if you can’t plant your own, you should consider scheduling regular deliveries. Weekly would be good. The best part of flower deliveries is that you don’t have to water the flowers. Additionally, you can have pretty much any flower you want – even ones you’d never plant yourself.

10. Add a water feature 

Let’s round up with a rather costly option but one of the best ways to bring an element of nature into your home – water. Water is life, and seeing water flow or gush is one of the most natural feelings. So, why not create a waterfall in your home? A slate water wall does this perfectly. A tabletop water fountain is another excellent idea.

A tabletop water fountain


Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few good ideas about bringing natural elements to your interior. Just remember that the best interior décor elements aren’t necessarily the most expensive.

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