Five Kitchen Upgrades for a Fresh Look

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If an entire kitchen renovation is out the question, there are five upgrades you can make now to give your kitchen a new look.

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A tile backsplash is a great way to update the kitchen and add a nice finishing touch.  Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and materials so that you can customize the look you want.  Sleek glass tiles look great with contemporary and traditional styles.  Decorative ceramic tile works well in kitchens with an old world or country vibe.  Compare different textures for added interest and select borders for a layered look.

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If your countertops are worn and outdated, replace them.  If you are just looking for a subtle change to add a little something different to your kitchen, replace the island countertop with wood, glass, marble or granite.  If you want a little luxury but are looking for a more cost-effective material, replace the countertops in laminate and just use the more expensive material in one area as an accent.  Typically, the kitchen island or bar is an ideal spot for a different style countertop.

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Cabinets can be updated in many ways without having to replace them.  Adding new doors with new knobs and pulls gives a whole different look to the kitchen.  Replace worn cabinet doors with glass paned doors.  Simply paint the cabinets and replace the hardware.  Remove cabinet doors permanently to open up your kitchen space.  Take top cabinets down and install shelving.

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One of the most important elements of a kitchen is lighting.  Install a new chandelier and complement that with new mini pendant lights, especially over an island.  Add recessed lighting in the ceiling for even more overall light.  Install under-cabinet lights to give you extra light for cooking prep and work spaces.


Nothing gives the kitchen a more updated appeal than new appliances.  Ideally, appliances should all be the same color.  For a sleek contemporary aesthetic, stainless steel is always in style.  Installing cabinet faces and enclosures for appliances blends them into a traditional kitchen.


To complete the kitchen upgrade, accessorize with dishes, bowls and other items to complement the style of the room.  Then it’s just a matter of adding good cooking, family and friends.




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