4 eccentric ways to light your bathroom- Eccentric Chandeliers

A clear glass pendant light hanging from a black cord, providing an eccentric way to light your bathroom.

If you want to have a bathroom like no other, than you surely have to check out our next 4 eccentric ways to light your bathroom.

When it comes to deciding on lightning fixtures for the bathroom we rarely think long and hard about it. However, if you have read our article Tips for choosing the right lamp for every room, then you must know that decisions like that are very important. For these of you who want a little different type of lightning though, we have found the 4 most eccentric types of lightning fixtures.

4 Ways To Light Your Bathroom

An eccentric bathroom with a bathtub and a ladder hanging from the ceiling.

Pendant lights

If you want something that’s both impressive but not highly eccentric, then the pendant lights are just for you. The best thing about them is that they are popular, so you can find different kinds of them in every shop.

An eccentric white bathroom with two sinks and a mirror.


The chandelier is for the people with luxurious bathrooms. So if you want not only chic bathroom but a true work of art, then you should definitely get one of these.

Two pictures of a bathroom featuring a chandelier lighting.

Street lamps

For those of you who like really out of the box bathrooms, you should think about street lamps. We assure you that there’s nothing better than a funky bathroom with a funkier lightning fixtures. Don’t hesitate but give it a shot.

A bathroom with a bathtub and a window featuring eccentric lighting options.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs will win you over thanks to their simple beauty. Not only that but you can experiment with different sizes and colors and in that way you can have a whole new bathroom every week.

A bathroom with white cabinets features 4 eccentric ways to light your space.

Don’t hesitate but try out one of our four eccentric ways to light your bathroom. We can assure you that you’ll definitely love the effect no matter what you have chosen.

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