How to Give Your Bathroom a More Luxurious Feel

A bathroom with a shower.

You get home from the holiday of your lifetime. The location was exotic. The food…out of this world! The hotel. Magnificent! So luxurious. The bathroom in the hotel was so gorgeous. Now, you’re home and you go to have your morning shower in a bathroom that is…ho-hum. You decide it’s time for a spruce up.

You look at your bank account and you have a sinking feeling. That vision of the perfect bathroom is slipping away.  But, never fear, here are some ways to give one of your favorite rooms in the house an amazing makeover without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to have your own hotel-worthy bathroom? Let’s go!

Match the Color with Your Feeling

If you want to go for a simple, yet still stylish, overall look then white is your best choice. When white countertops and cabinets are complimented with neutral colored accessories, it creates sophistication that will make your visitors gasp in delight.

If white isn’t your thing and makes you feel like you’re having a shower in the clinical setting of a hospital, then you can go for a gray color scheme that adds a classic yet modern feel to the room.

A white bathroom with a tub and sink.

Pro tip: Before deciding on a color scheme for your bathroom ask yourself what is the overall feel and look you want to achieve? Also, when choosing paint, decide on several options and then narrow that down. Look at the final paint choices under different light conditions and different times of the day.

Add Comfort to Your Bathroom Linen

Remember the feel of that luxurious bath towel wrapping around you? It was as if you were embraced in a soft, fluffy cloud. What about the way the bath mat gently massaged your feet as you stepped out of the shower? So amazing.  Replace your old scratchy towels and bath mat and you are on your way to making your bathroom feel deluxe.

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Matching the color of the towels and bath mat will provide unity. Tying a ribbon around the hanging towels will add a touch of style to the overall look of the room.

Bathroom towels with a red rose on top.

Why not even splash out on some comfortable bathrobes? You can place a classy coat rack in a corner and hang the robes off it where they will be ready to envelop you in soft, warm coziness.

Pro Tip: For the best choice, opt for towels made from Turkish cotton as this provides a balance between absorbency and gentleness. Similarly, a microfiber bath mat will happily soak up the water from your feet. Choose an exotically styled bath mat and it will add an interesting dimension.

Enhance the Environment with Plant Life

A carefully placed plant will add a nice contrast to the look of the bathroom by providing greenery to the theme. However, not all plants are created equal, so make sure you only choose those that can withstand the humidity and low light conditions found in the bathroom.

Tropical plants are your best choice due to the similarity with their natural environment. Aloe Vera, bamboo and bromeliads (Air plants) also are suitable options.

A monochrome bathroom with black and white tile.

Pro tip: Due to the low light environment of the room, consider investing in a grow-light or overhead light to provide the plant with additional light. Also, consider rotating plants between the bathroom and other rooms so that they can get some sunlight.

Change the Room with Well Placed Lights

Strategic lighting can do wonders for any room. Consider replacing glaring overhead lights, with something more relaxing such as soft spotlights. LED lighting under vanity units recessed in the ceiling will add a gentle tone to the room.

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Sconce lighting on either side of the bathroom mirrors will provide you with even lighting on your face.

A monochrome bathroom with a sink.

Pro tip: When choosing to light for the bathroom energy efficient lights with a cool color temperature (Soft white – 2700K to 3000K; Cool White/Bright White – 3500K to 4100K; Daylight – 5000K to 6500K) are ideal.

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