Bring Flair to Dining with a Creative Tablescape

A creative table setting with flowers.

Whether planning a party or just having a quiet dinner, an inspired tablescape can add enjoyment and flair to any meal indoors or out.  A plain table can be transformed into an inviting place to gather in a variety of fun and creative ways.

A creative table setting with sunflowers.

The foundation of the tablescape is linens.  Use a tablecloth or a runner down the length of the table, or show off the beauty of the table’s surface by using just placemats.  In lieu of placemats, runners placed across the width of the table can cover two place settings.  For outdoors use moss, fern leafs or other natural elements as a runner.

When choosing napkins, look for ones of a complimentary color or pattern to the placemats or runner.  Slip on decorative napkin rings to finish the look or fold napkins and lay them across each place setting.

A creative tablecloth with flowers and a sign on it.   A creative table setting with colorful flowers.

Break out the good china and crystal, even those mismatched pieces.  Mixing patterns is a great way to add interest and depth to the table setting, especially if a vintage look is desired.  For a more subtle, contemporary look use solid color or geometric patterned dishes and simple glassware.  Set flatware at each place setting or fold napkins or decorative paper like a pocket and place the silverware inside.

A creative tablecloth.                Creative tablescapes featuring wicker chairs.

Candlelight is always appealing at the table.  Place a collection of pillar candles in varying heights in the center of the table and surround them with greenery, flowers or small decorative pieces.  A collection of decorative photo frames with hand-written notes or quotations can add a great personal touch.  A personal collection that goes otherwise unnoticed makes a great accent to the table.  Think outside the box when choosing decorative accents.

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A creatively vibrant table setting for a party.

A small gift at each place setting is a wonderful gesture of hospitality and will pleasantly surprise your guests.  A single ornament, flower, seashell or a handmade item can be given.


A creative table setting with green and white plates and glasses.            Creative table setting for a festive 4th of July celebration.

Creating an imaginative and festive tablescape is a great way to add personality and flair to the dining experience for you and your guests.  Whether going for a specific theme or just wanting a little something special every day, bring your own personality to the table.


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