Turn Your Loft into a Home


When you think of a loft you no doubt imagine an open industrial space with high ceilings and large windows that look out over the city.  For many, this is the perfect place to call home.  The challenge is in decorating the space.  Decorating a loft is all about space management.

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When faced with a blank loft space, decide where each ‘room’ will be set up.  Take into consideration the placement of the kitchen and bath areas.  Naturally, you would want the bedroom close to the bath area and a dining space next to the kitchen.  From there, designate a space for the living area.


Area rugs are a great way to create individual spaces.  Furniture can be arranged around the area rug and large pieces, such as bookshelves or sofas, can serve as dividers.  Large decorative screens also work as functional room dividers.  In addition, you may consider installing half walls to block off certain spaces and create variety.


The height of the ceiling in a loft introduces a great opportunity to play with lighting.  You can hang wonderful sculptural chandeliers and pendant lights to accentuate the space.  Tall floor lamps and table lamps can be added for task lighting.


Large windows are a common feature in lofts.  You may opt to leave them unadorned to take full advantage of the view.  However, if privacy or strong daylight is an issue, sheers or fabric shades can be used.  The drama of long flowing sheers would add a touch of luxury and soften the space.

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Storage can be created by adding shelving units and using multi-purpose furniture such as ottomans, platform beds and armoires.  Bookshelves can be outfitted with bins to create a tidy storage space.

Turn the open area of a loft into a beautiful, welcoming space by defining sections and creatively managing furniture, lighting and accessories.



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