Biophilic Design: A Marriage of Functional Design and Nature

A biophilic green wall in the lobby of a building.

Biophilic Design is a trend that’s a marriage of functional design with nature. Of course, you have seen this design. You may have marveled at the beauty. However, you may not have considered the thought process of the design.

An artist's rendering of an atrium designed with biophilic elements, where people are seen walking around.
Of course, a tree in the lobby is soothing. (

This design is common in public places. In fact, you’ll find this in hospitals, office buildings, and universities.

Biophilic Design: A green wall incorporating nature in an office.
Indeed, an interesting lobby. (

Of course, humans long to bond with nature. This is a natural human desire. This is why we lift our face to feel the sun on our cheeks. In addition, it’s why we love our parks. It’s why we flock to green spaces in our free time.

Biophilic Design incorporated in a green roof on top of a building in Singapore.
Planting rooftop gardens adds beauty. (

Biophilic design brings nature into the city. In fact, humans have only recently turned into city dwellers. Our ancestors farmed, hunted, and lived off of the land. This design trend allows us to hang on to that connection.

A biophilic design featuring a waterfall within a building.
Greenery and a water feature grace this hospital lobby. (

Designers choose nature-inspired decor. They use lush, green plants. In addition, water features are common. Finally, they choose natural stone accents. Visitors to these buildings are amazed at the result.

A biophilic design office space featuring a green wall and ergonomic desk and chairs.
Indeed, a smart office has plants to keep the air clean. (

This style offers health benefits. Of course, green plants help to clean the air. We feel refreshed by the vibrant colors. In fact, workers in these spaces state they’re happy with their jobs.

A biophilic kitchen with plants on the wall and a bowl of salad.
Also, homeowners can add green plants. (
Biophilic Design featuring moss panels hanging from the ceiling in a restaurant.
A vertical green wall adds character. (
A biophilic green wall in the lobby of a building.
Also, note the natural flooring materials. (

Finally, remember to look around you. The next time you visit a public building, you’ll probably see biophilic design at work. The more urban our lifestyles become, the more important this style will become to us.

A bedroom with a biophilic design featuring a green forest mural on the wall.
Visitors to this lobby certainly enjoy the space. (
A person riding a bicycle past a building with a green wall showcasing biophilic design.
Indeed, the curb appeal is improved! (
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