Creative Office Spaces That Inspire

A unique creative office space resembling the interior of a cave with a circular staircase.

Wouldn’t you love to work in an environment where creative thinking is the driving force behind the company and that space was designed just for that purpose?  There are companies in the world that adhere to this policy and design their offices for employee comfort, knowing that this sparks and encourages creativity.  A happy employee is a productive one.  That is the lesson behind these amazing creative office spaces.

A creative office with colorful chairs and tables.
A beautiful office interior (Inmagz)
A creative office with green and purple furniture.
Functional, creative office interior (BBC-North-Creative-Interior-Spaces)
An office with a large tree in the middle of the room, designed as a creative workspace.
Innovative office design (inool)

Google is one of the most creative in office design.  This company’s offices are geared toward creative flow.  The offices incorporate elements of convenience, conversation and even play to make employees feel comfortable sharing ideas.  The over-the-top design encourages interaction among employees.

A group of people sitting on couches in a creative office space.
Comfortable open spaces at Google office in Dublin (home-designing)
A creative office space with a tree on the ceiling.
Magical spaces at Google Russia (home-designing)
A creative office with green walls and green chairs.
Modular nature-inspired meeting space at Google Tel Aviv (visualnews)

Color and fun themes are centerpiece to creative office spaces.  Certain bold colors are known to stimulate the mind and senses.  Themes create an office space that is enjoyable to work in, therefore boosting productivity.

A creatively designed office with colorful chairs and tables.
Bold colors in this office (dbeautifulhome)
A creative office with colorful carpet and stairs.
Vibrant office space (workspacestyle)
A creative office with a colorful floor.
Shape and color pop in this office design by Moser Associates (officedesignlondon.BlogSpot)

Natural elements are employed in the creative office sometimes in quite dramatic ways.  For employees who spend their days indoors, bringing a little of the outdoors in provides a visual and psychological boost.

Creative office spaces with books on the floor
A grassy area in this Google Zurich office (peterdedene)
A creative office space with wooden desks and chairs.
Natural office design by M. Moser Associates (visionwidget)
A creative office space with green walls and elevators in the hallway.
Live walls embrace this office (Pinterest)
A creative office with green wall and chairs.
A bit of greenery brings this office space to life (Pinterest)

Areas of relaxation, where ideas are born, are quirky and fun.  Creative office spaces employ all manner of pods, enclosed areas and nooks.  Some companies even let the employees design their own space.

A creative office space with a fish tank in the room.
Relaxation area in a Google office (gsmnation)


An open and creative office space with people sitting at desks.
Meeting nooks (commercialflooringsolutions)
A creative office space with a green, white, and red color scheme.
Innovative office design at the RTM office in Istanbul (lauracarruthers.blogspot)
A creatively designed office space featuring surfboards and chairs.
Google office by Setter Architects (

Open meeting spaces provide plenty of room to spread out comfortably.  Games are included to encourage socialization and sharing of ideas and opinions.

A creative office space with red chairs and green grass.
Skype offices in Palo Alto, CA


A creative office with green couches and a pool table.
Skype Headquarters designed by Blitz
A large creative office with many people sitting around.
A swing in this open meeting area designed by Boora Architects (decoist)
A creative office space with people sitting at tables and chairs.
Basta! Media Group offices by Designerfix

Innovative and fun, these creative office spaces turn an ordinary workspace into one that is enjoyed; where employees love coming to work and feel open to share their ideas.


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