Walls and ceiling create the perfect hallway

A collection of pictures of a front door decorated with a wreath.

Of all the rooms in the home, the hallway is often the most neglected when it comes to interior design. That is a big mistake. This space creates the first impression of your home, so it must look neat and comfortable. In most cases, the hallway is a place to store shoes, coats, jackets, bags, and similar things that can sometimes make it crowded and untidy, which is why a good organization is needed.

A collection of photos showcasing decorating hallway ideas with black and white rugs.
Be wise and adjust to the size of your hallway

Whether you have a large hallway or a small one, do your best and arrange that space so that you can cheer yourself up every time you open the front door and step into your home. No major investments are required, but small changes like adding pictures to the wall and shelves with decorations can do wonders.

Walls and ceiling are key elements

It is crucial to adjust to the size of the hallway itself. If you have a small and narrow space, it is extremely important to find a way to make it visually larger. So, the first step for narrow hallways would be to paint the walls and ceiling with bright colors to achieve the illusion of more space. If you’re lucky enough to have a large entrance, you don’t need to bother with that.

A series of photos showcasing hallway decorations.
For very narrow passages it is important to choose lighter tones of walls and ceiling to make the space visually larger

You can freely use dark tones on individual parts. Follow the rule when it comes to artificial lighting. Don’t clutter your already narrow hallway with massive lighting fixtures. Ceiling and hanging lamps could visually reduce your space, and the ideal option would be to install ceiling lights with warm or cold light throughout the hallway. This will create the feeling of a large bright room.

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Fool your eye using tricks

There are certain tricks you can use to expand the hallway’s narrow space, at least visually, if not practically. One of the most popular methods involves placing medium to large mirrors on the walls of the hallway. This simple trick will deceive the eye, because of room reflection in the mirror, which will seem far larger than it actually is.

A series of photos showcasing decorating ideas for a hallway with a mirror and pictures.
The devil is in the details so follow the tricks to visually enlarge the tiny hallway

Another trick is to hang decorations only on one hallway wall, not on both. Images of green landscapes or inspirational quotes will elevate your narrow hallway’s look to a whole new level. In addition to the above, you can also install shelves, flat or square, in a narrow hallway. They are a great solution that will be very useful and save a lot of space.

Avoid bulky furniture

Bulky pieces of furniture in the hallway have no place. Each hallway should have enough hangers for all household members and a few guests, as well as a shoe cabinet, and it is desirable to have a mirror in the hallway. Use all other furniture according to the size of your hallway. If you are struggling with a lack of space in the hallway, opt for hangers attached to the wall.

A collection of pictures of a hallway with coat racks and hats, ideal for decorating.
Make your furniture in the hallway functional and practical without cluttering the space

You can attach them directly to the wall or first to a piece of wood or chipboard, and only then to the wall. These hangers are ideal for saving space in the hallway. Be practical and during the winter store all summer shoes in special boxes in the closet with clothes or in some other place for storage and vice versa. Only the footwear currently in use should be in the hallway to keep it passable and free of excess unnecessary items.

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