Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery – A Vibrant Burst of Energy

A living room with Pantone's green walls.

Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year is Greenery. This vibrant green adds a vibrant burst of energy no matter how you use it.

Pantone's greenery color palette.

Greenery is a fresh, citrus shade of green. A touch of yellow warms it up and adds vibrancy. Because of the yellow, it has a sunny, tropical vibe. Of course, you can use this color in any room you choose.

Because of the highly saturated pigmentation, it’s a bold color choice. Some decorators use it in small doses to keep the color balanced. On the other hand, some decorators go for it as a whole room application.

A kitchen with Pantone's green cabinets and a wooden table.

Old kitchen cabinets get a breath of new life when they get a makeover in Greenery. Because the walls are gray and the trim is white, the cabinets become a fun focal point in this trendy kitchen.

Green walls in the bedroom with Pantone's influence.

In addition, Greenery is a popular choice to liven up the bedroom. Because it has that warm yellow undertone, it has cozy appeal.

A living room with Pantone's green walls.

Paint the town green with Greenery! This paint is fun and fresh feeling. Because of the color intensity, stick with neutral textiles. Beige, taupe, white, and gray are all fantastic partners to Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year.

A living room with Pantone's green walls and a white couch.

If the thought of a solid wall of green makes you feel…well, green…try wallpaper. Because of the white print pattern in the wallpaper, the green is broken up into smaller bites.

A living room with Pantone's white furniture and green plants.

Also, you can add Greenery in accessories like a cozy throw and fresh florals. This color has a bold impact in a bright, airy room.

A dining room with Pantone's green chairs and an archway.
A dining room with Pantone's green couches and yellow wallpaper.

Dining in?  Eating at home is fun again. Because Greenery is so on trend, you will impress your dinner guests. Upholster your dining chairs in Greenery. This will give you a pop of color in an otherwise somewhat staid room.

Use Paintings to Inspire Your Interiors
Pantone's Greenery - a collection of green utensils and accessories.
A green and white striped pillow on a Pantone's background.

In addition to upholstery, you can use Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year in other subtle accessories. This means you will have flexibility to quickly re-accessorize when you fall in love with the next hot color trend!

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