2017 Interior Trends of Greenery and Butterflies Evoke Fresh New Beginnings

A bathroom with colorful butterflies on the wall, showcasing 2017 interior trends.

When we think of Spring, we often imagine new beginnings in the form of buds on trees, sprouts coming up through the earth and wildlife in abundance.  Two 2017 interior trends evoke fresh new beginnings in particular.  They are Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, and butterflies.  These two trends work well together for a fresh design duo.

A display of butterflies, featuring 2017 interior trends.
A display of butterflies gives a boost to nature-inspired décor (Eye for Design)
Pantone color trend of the year 2017
The fresh and lively Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 (Pattern Bank)

Fresh Color Awakens 2017 Interiors

Spring awakens in us a desire to refresh and renew.  A great way to do that is to start with a new palette.  Why not try out Greenery accented with yellow in your interiors for a look that is vibrant and springtime-inspired?  Pantone’s color selection for 2017 can be successfully accented with yellow, turquoise or coral for a brighter look.

A dining room featuring green couches, embracing the 2017 interior trends.
Sunny room with 2017’s color of the year, Greenery. (Accent Interiors Utah)

Small pops of Greenery in a neutral design provide a pleasant burst of color and add freshness to a scheme.  This works well for those that may be intimidated to work with such a bold color.  Adding pillows, pottery and even fresh flowers gives neutral rooms a taste of spice.

A living room featuring the 2017 interior trends of grey and green accents.
Greenery used in smaller doses enhances this neutral interior (Builder and Developer Magazine)

To create a statement, go for a bold choice in fabric on a sofa or chair.  Use softer colors to balance the more vivid shade for a harmonious interior that is of-the-moment but always timeless.

A living room with green couch and gold accents following the 2017 interior trends.
A charming sofa adds a touch of fresh color to a neutral palette (Pinterest)

Pair Greenery with black and white or gray for a sophisticated take on this lively trend.  The lush green window panels fall to the floor and soften the graphic design of the walls.  Green upholstery frames the beautiful gray dining table and sets the scene for enjoyable dinners.

A dining room showcasing 2017 interior trends with green chairs and a black and white wallpaper.
Pair 2017’s color of the year with black and white for a dramatic look (Concepts and Colorways)

As far as 2017 interior trends go, Pantone’s selection of Greenery is a springtime winner that enhances interiors.  Seen on the runway and in the home, this trend is one that is fresh and sparks the imagination for new beginnings.  Take a cue from the fabrics below to see how versatile this color really is.  Mix it with other colors for a truly spring-like freshness or tame it with neutrals.

Versatile Furniture for Living Room Multi-Use Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide to Multipurpose Furnishing
Pantone color of the year 2017 sets interior trends.
The leader in 2017 interior trends is Pantone’s Greenery (Pattern Bank)

Butterflies Take Flight in 2017 Interior Trends

Butterflies reflect rebirth and delicate beauty.  Bringing these fanciful creatures into the home via fabrics, wallpaper, pictures and decorative objects adds a natural element to interiors.

A collage of butterflies and flowers incorporating 2017 interior trends.
Fabrics alight with fanciful butterflies (UK Curtains and Interiors)

Butterflies add freshness and life to interiors.  A whimsical butterfly print covers an ottoman and simply framed prints add visual interest and color to a living room.

A living room with a blue couch and yellow chairs showcases 2017 interior trends.
Butterflies take flight in this living room (Eye for Design)

Incorporating a vividly patterned wallpaper in a smaller room, such as a powder room or laundry room, can take some of the fear from working with prints.  Butterflies alighting upon the walls give any room a fresh and whimsical appeal.

A laundry room featuring floral wallpaper, reflecting 2017 interior trends.
Laundry room wallpaper is a surprising display of butterflies (Pinterest)
A dining room incorporating 2017 interior trends with a table and chairs.
Flirty butterflies create a fun backdrop (Happy Paper Trails)

A set of butterfly prints set off a wall to create a dynamic focal point.  Different species of these fluttery insects mix to create a truly beautiful collection for the wall to enhance a space.

A living room showcasing framed butterflies, following the 2017 interior trends.
Framed butterfly prints add a fresh charm (BHG)

Botanical butterfly prints illustrate the beauty and natural artistry of these creatures.  Incorporating botanical prints into your décor is a unique and refreshing accent.

A living room with blue and white pillows and framed pictures, following the 2017 interior trends.
Butterfly prints bring nature indoors and 2017 interior trends alive (HGTV)

The butterfly trend extends to decorative accents such as cloche domes displaying artificial specimens.  These can be an unexpected element in your decorating scheme.

Two blue butterflies displayed on a table, reflecting 2017 interior trends.
Butterfly accessories lend an interior fresh color and flights of fancy (Trendfirst.com)

What a better way to welcome spring than with fresh Greenery and butterflies.  These 2017 design trends can be incorporated in small does or can make a major impact to your design.  Whether freshening up an existing design, or infusing new life into a brand new space, Greenery and butterflies deliver on new beginnings.




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