Contemporary Wall Treatments Inspired By Textiles

A living room with blue and white furniture and a fireplace against the wall.

When you are choosing colors to complete a room makeover, it is a fantastic idea to choose a fabric or textile to use as the inspiration for your wall treatment or paint.  Professional decorators know this is true.  It’s easier to take your fabric item to the paint store than to bring home dozens of little paint swatches to ensure the perfect match.

Whether you are decorating a living room, dining area, bedroom, or home office, the principle of pairing wall treatments to fabric is almost foolproof!

A living room with wall.
an orange accent wall makes this living room fresh & sassy (

The beige couch with bright pops of orange from the pillows inspire the wall color of this living room.  In keeping the other walls neutral, the single accent wall in orange is sassy and contemporary.

A living room with blue and white furniture and a fireplace against the wall.
blue living room is an oasis of tranquility

This traditional living room gets a pale wash of eggshell blue walls that give the room an updated and look.  Also, the oversized chairs anchor the room while the pillows and ottoman lend a fun pop of green to keep the look fun and fresh.


A living room with yellow walls.
a citrus yellow living room is cheerful and appealing (

The fresh citrus yellow of this sofa is softer than yellows of years past.  The walls are painted a shade softer than the sofa itself to create strong visual interest.  Finally, the white ceiling and trim paint pop giving this room a clean look and the blue chairs add an interesting contrast to the yellow.

A living room with green walls.
a monochromatic lime green paint and couch make this an appealing living room (

A lime green sectional sofa is the basis for this living room.  Also, the lime green walls match the sectional precisely, giving this a semi-monochromatic look and feel.  The look is brightened by the soft gray rug and white accent pieces.  Additionally, sculptural wall art adds texture to the wall that intrigues and makes you look twice.

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A brightly colored living room with colorful furniture and vibrant wall.
an accent wall in red coordinates with the fun, bright textile prints (

A European-inspired minimalist couch with bright stripes and mixed prints is a fun look. Also, the red accent wall and white shag rug pulls all the fabric patterns together to keep the look cohesive.

A living room with orange walls and grey furniture.
coral wall paint with white wainscoating are inspired by the coral fabric trend, making this a current living room (

Coral is one of the hottest trends in fashion and decorating. The warm coral pillows and curtains evoke thoughts of the beach and inspire the coral wall treatment mixed with crisp white wainscoating.  Finally, the gray couch balances out and adds a neutral touch that keeps this look modern.

A living room with blue walls.
an accent wall in the dining room pulls the blue theme throughout this entire open floor plan (

The beige sofa and blue pillows, side chair, and rug inspire a beige paint treatment with the open dining area accented in blue.  This pulls the calming blue throughout this open concept space. Thus, this blue makes the whole room restful and a great place to relax.

A living room with vivid red walls and a stylish red chair.
a red wingback chair is the basis for this red wall in this contemporary living room (

The red wingback chair and black contemporary chair in this small living room are paired with a red wall and with black accents.  Also, the window moldings and radiator are painted white.  Above all, the white paint and the wood floors add a organic element to this head-turning small space.

A living room with a couch and chairs against the wall.
The beige couch and walls offer this living room a seamless and classic appearance (

The same principle of wall treatment inspired by by textiles works well in very traditional rooms as well as in more contemporary spaces.  In this ultra-traditional room, the plush beige fabric lends itself to the beige wallpaper.  Interestingly, the red wingback side chair and the red in the area rug add small pops of color to this elegant, traditional living room.

A home office with a yellow chair and desk against the wall.
deep, soothing gray wall inspired by the stripes in the rug (

Inspiration by fabric isn’t just for living spaces.  For example, this home office is clean and modern.  The gray and beige rug and the deep gray walls are the inspiration for the wall treatment of deep gray.  Finally, right pops of yellow in the curtains and the chair legs add a fun and stimulating touch.

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A green and white bedroom with a bed and a desk against the wall.
The bed textiles inspire this bright green wall treatment (

Finally, this bedroom is built on the same principle.  The bright green bedding and paired to bright green walls. Also, bright white furnishings keep this emerald green from overtaking this room and keeping it fun!

Whatever room you want to decorate, remember to draw your inspiration from textiles: pillows, rugs, fabrics.  Any textile, any fabric can be an inspiration.

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