What To Do With Leftover Wallpaper

A collage of pictures showcasing various types of decor, including leftover wallpaper-inspired designs.

After you’ve completed a wallpapering project, try one of these 10 charming ways to use up leftover wallpaper. Wallpaper came back big-time in 2017 and it’s still trending for 2018.

However, wallpaper can be expensive. Naturally, you want zero waste! Because these ideas use the wallpaper you already have on hand, they cost you nothing but time. In addition, they add charming detail to your decor.


Line A Drawer With Wallpaper

A drawer made from leftover wallpaper with a red and black pattern.
When you line your desk drawer with leftover wallpaper, it brightens the drawer. On the other hand, you can line all your kitchen drawers if you have a larger amount of scrap. |Pinterest

Create Custom Art Pieces

A wooden window frame with a floral pattern made from leftover wallpaper.
Indeed, even the smallest of scraps can be used with some creative thinking. Take a look at this window! |pinterest

Embellish a Closet Door

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table featuring leftover wallpaper.
Add some sassy color and print to a closet door. In fact, you can embellish any interior door! | The Spruce

Spruce Up a Bookcase

A bookcase with leftover blue and white chevron patterned wallpaper.
Take a plain laminate bookcase from cheap-looking to stylized with leftover wallpaper! | Feather’s Flights

Take Your Staircase to New Heights

A yellow stair tread with a leftover wallpaper.
If you have enough wallpaper left on the roll, use it up by decorating the risers of your staircase! | Martha Stewart

Take it to Work!

A desk with a bottle of water and leftover wallpaper on it.
Why look at a bland cubicle? Take your scrap piece of wallpaper and staple it to your cubicle wall at the office. | Terra Blades

Dressed Up Furniture

A white desk with drawers and a rug made from leftover wallpaper.
Indeed, even the smallest of scraps can be used to dress up furniture. Use these small pieces for desks, dressers, and small cabinets. | All Things Thrifty

Upcycle An Accent Table

A coffee table with a floral pattern made from leftover wallpaper.
Add style to an upcycled accent table. Use a durable, wipeable wallpaper.|Pinterest

Add Interest To Wall Plate Covers

Silver damask wallpaper leftover turned into a 3 light switch plate.
Cover your wall plate covers and electrical outlets. Indeed, you’ll create a masterpiece out of an eyesore! |Simply Chic Gal

Wallpaper Wainscoting Accents

Admittedly, this takes a good part of a partial roll. But you will enjoy accenting your wainscoting. |The Clayton Design


In closing, don’t toss that leftover partial wallpaper roll. From the tiniest scrap to the larger part of a roll, you can add charming details to your home.

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