Furniture and Fixtures you can easily make at Home

Two pictures showcasing a coffee table crafted from a wine barrel.

It is possible to make your own fixtures and furniture. In fact it’s much easier than you think to create almost any item in your home.

The advantage of this is not just a cost saving. You’ll be able to design furniture to fit exactly into the space you have available and customize it to ensure it suits your needs perfectly. This can make it a better option than any shop bought item.

Before you start it is important that you make sure you have all the tools you need. This includes saws, a power drill / driver and the best possible rotary tool; you can check out some of the best options at

Here are some ideas regarding what you can easily build at home:

Charging Station

You just need a block of wood. Carefully cut a hole in the middle of it; it only needs to be ½ inch deep and wide enough to accommodate your phone.

Then drill a hole from the back of your wood to the middle of the hole. This needs to be big enough to accommodate your charging cable.

A wooden phone holder with a watch and phone, ideal for furniture.
Diy Wood Charging Station

Slide the cable through and leave it in the hole ready to connect your phone to. If you prefer you can skip this stage and just bring the cable in above the charging station.

Slide your phone into position and leave it to charge securely!


Add a personal touch to your home with just a few small pieces of wood screwed together. Make sure you choose different sizes and shapes.

A wall collage featuring various pieces of paper.
Jazzmen 1961 Jacques Mahé de la Villeglé born 1926 Presented by the Friends of the Tate Gallery 2000

You can then cover them with decollage or stain them and write or engrave your own message.

Small Woodworking Projects Creative Ideas

The Bike Rack

Stop your bikes from falling over and encourage your children to park them properly by taking half a pallet and removing the bottom blocks. Cut them in half or use fresh wood and rejoin them to the pallet boards; with a space between them big enough for a bike tire.

Two bicycles are next to each other in a garage, a fixture.

Then paint it if necessary and position it ready to be used.

Table & Bench

Tables are actually really easy to make. You only need a table top and four legs. The trick is to get the legs all the same length!

Furniture on a wooden deck.
DIY wooden table and bench

You can use the same technique to create a comfortable bench. You’ll need to set two pieces of wood at an angle and batten them together with more wood. This will create the end pieces and legs. You can join these two ends with a variety of planks and then extend the same boards up the back of the bench.


Attach an angle bracket on the wall and then secure it to a piece of wood; it can be any sort. Then repeat the process at the other end of the shelf.

A woman is assembling furniture in a garage.
Ana White | Easy and Fast DIY Garage or Basement Shelving for Tote Storage – DIY Projects

The result is a shelve that appears to be floating but is actually secured from above.

There really is no limit to the number of things you can make for your home. All you need is the right tools, a little imagination and some free time.

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