Where Do I Put This Chair? 5 Eames Style Suggestions

Eames-style lounge chair and ottoman.

Take a look at how to rock Eames style to the max with this guide to the best places to put your Eames chair. Set your home’s decor off perfectly.

Unveiled on national television in 1956, the famous Eames chair has become a staple in elegant and stylish interior design. Over 60 years later and the chair is still in production. 

Eames style is one of simple sophistication. This makes it the perfect addition to so many interior design themes. All you need to do is find the perfect spot in your home. 

Try one of these five spots in your home for the perfect accent. 

1. Living Room Accent

Complete the look of your living room by adding some extra seating. You already have a couch, so why not add a comfortable yet stylish Eames chair

It could face the couch with a center coffee table between them. Or you could turn the chair to face a focal point such as a fireplace or TV. Another ideal spot is in an unused corner. 

2. Reading Alcove

Do you have a bookcase that’s full of all of your favorite books? Then place an Eames chair and a lamp near it. Create a reading nook where you can grab a book and settle in. 

The Eames’ chair plush leather and perfectly placed footrest are perfect for snuggling in and getting comfy. Choose a soft, warm lamp to light the pages. You could even add a throw pillow and blanket for the ultimate in comfort. 

3. Transitional Space

A transitional space is another ideal place for your Eames chair. These are places such as a lobby, entryway, corridor, or circulation area. If the area is a bit too large to be comfortable, but not quite large enough for a full set of furniture, then an Eames chair is the solution. 

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A single chair and small table will fill the space and make it feel more alive. It also provides a sitting space should the mood strike. 

4. Office Relaxation

You have an office with a large desk and chair. But sometimes you need to get out from behind the desk to clear your head. This is when an Eames chair comes in handy. 

Place one in your office to provide additional seating for guests or yourself. You could have it placed so that it can face either the desk or the windows. This will make it functional for both purposes. 

5. Window with a View

Do you have a large statement window? The kind where the window extended from the floor to the ceiling? This is the perfect spot to place your Eames chair and soak up the sun. 

You could create your own little oasis by surrounding your chair with lush greenery. Consider it your own mental recharge spot. 

Enhance Your Interior Design with Eames Style

Try one of these ideas in your home and add a little Eames style. The chair is the perfect combination of style and comfort making it ideal for use in your home. 

Style your chair by choosing the right color combination to complement or contrast with the rest of your home. 

Check out the design ideas section of our blog for more ideas to help you decorate your home. 

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