Keep It Sleek: 9 Contemporary Kitchen Ideas for 2020

A kitchen with white cabinets and a center island, perfect for kitchen ideas.

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? Check nine of the best contemporary kitchen ideas and start planning your renovations for 2020!

It’s your favorite place in the house. Your Mecca. Where all the magic happens. Where you feel completely, utterly at home. Where you want to spend most of the day.

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. An exciting, lively kitchen filled with contemporary kitchen ideas will encourage you to cook. Not only to cook, but also to cook healthy, tasty dishes.

A dirty, drab, old-style kitchen, on the other hand, will do the exact opposite. It will discourage you from ever even setting foot into the halls of your food-preparation area, and will likely result in you consuming lower quality food.

Suffice to say, the quality of your kitchen design is remarkably important to your living experience. If you’re unsatisfied with how your kitchen looks, then you’re in the right place. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at nine of the top design trends that are moving across kitchens in American like wildfire. Implementing these trends into your home will guarantee that you find your kitchen a more safe, secure place for you to cook your meals.

1. The Return of Marble

It was back in the olden days that marble reigned supreme as king of counter space. Marble used to be a great delicacy, extremely expensive and only owned by the most wealthy dignitaries. Having marble in your home would signify the status of your household.

How To Conduct A Budget Friendly Kitchen Renovation

For a brief few decades, marble fell out of the limelight. It was taken over instead by lower-quality materials that, while cheaper, simply don’t last as long nor look as good. But today, marble is beginning to make a comeback.

Folks are beginning to see how marble is the ultimate choice for a kitchen countertop. Cool to the touch, easy to wipe down, and impregnably strong, marble countertops can take an old, drab kitchen to new heights before you can say “Jack Robinson”.

Kitchen ideas: A white kitchen with marble counter tops and a center island.

2. Backsplashes are the Best

One design trend that has been taking root across American homes is the use of an accent wall or a backsplash. This design trend isn’t even limited to the kitchen but is also very popular in bedrooms and living rooms. However, it finds an excellent application in the kitchen.

By having one wall of your kitchen — most likely the wall behind where your oven, stovetop, and sink are located — in a different hue than the rest of the room, you will highlight the entire area. Use a tile backsplash for added sleekness.

Yellow kitchen

3. Minimalism

Minimalism has been all the craze recently. As people begin to move away from the hoarding mentality that plagued our parents and grandparents, folks are beginning to realize that the essentials is all they truly need. 

Minimalism has great potential to impact how kitchens are designed as well. For instance, there’s no need to have a massive pantry of various times of knives if a single chef’s knife will serve most applications. Quality over quantity. A few good pieces are worth far more than a hundred and one poor quality pieces that will break easily. It’s worth investing more up-front, as it pays you back in the long term.

Modern Kitchens with Color and Character

4. Motion-Sensing Lighting

Motion-sensing, under-cabinet lighting is the future of kitchen lighting. Not only does the motion-sensing aspect mean energy savings for your household, but it also looks pretty neat!

By placing the motion-sensing lights under your cabinets, you’ll get illumination exactly where you need it, too.

Kitchen lit up with LED lights.

5. Custom Storage

If you’re unable to get on board with the minimalist trend and instead still have a lot of stuff that you want to put in your kitchen, then custom storage is a must for you. 

Don’t settle for inadequate cabinet space. You’re better than that. Get new custom storage options put in. For instance, your island must-have storage space beneath the top. That’s absolutely standard these days.

Kitchen with large island and stools, ideal for kitchen ideas.

6. Colorful Tile

There’s no reason why you can’t inject a bit of color into your kitchen! And there’s no better place to do it than in the tile.

Choosing a tile selection with a little bit of vibrant color will no doubt serve to lift your mood. If you’re fortunate enough to have a kitchen that receives a lot of natural light, then seeing the sun rays dance across the hues of your tile in the morning will serve as an excellent start to your day.

7. Double Islands

As fewer and fewer people choose to eat at their dining tables but instead opt for more casual meals on their island countertop, it’s crucial that you have a double island to support all the space you need. 

A large kitchen with a center island and stools, perfect for kitchen ideas.

8. Advanced Appliances

The more advanced technology gets, the more advanced kitchen appliances get. For instance, you can now buy a programmable coffee maker. If you wake up every day at 6:30 am, you can program your coffeemaker to have a pot brewing y 6:15 am. This will ensure that you’re woken up to the pleasing aroma of your favorite beverage, every day.

Industrial Kitchen Designs

There’s plenty of opportunity to automate many of the tasks in your kitchen that you may find more menial with the use of the right appliances. Browse through the home appliances section the next time you’re at a department store to see how these appliances could change your cooking experiences.

9. Metal Accents

The popular threesome — gold, brass, and silver — have return to adorn your kitchens. Metal accents are becoming extremely popular in kitchens these days. Whether it’s a magnetic strip to hang your knives on, brass handles for your cabinetry, or a gold sink, metal accents can take your kitchen to another level of design entirely. Best of all? Of all the kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, they’re among the simplest to put in!

Contemporary Kitchen Ideas to Revamp Your Place

These contemporary kitchen ideas have massive potential to help you take your kitchen to the level of design that you want it to be at. Let us know what changes you’ll be making in your kitchen over the coming weeks in the comments below!

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