Tips for Choosing a Unique Kitchen Cabinet

A kitchen with unique dark wood cabinets and a center island.

A kitchen is a vital part of your home. When upgrading your kitchen, the cabinets are a significant investment you will make. But before settling for the right kitchen cabinet, you will need to consider so many factors. Listed below are tips you can use to select a unique kitchen cabinet.

Have a realistic budget

If you are designing a kitchen for your dream home, you may need to invest in quality cabinets that meet your needs. So how do you succeed at the budget? You will need to measure your kitchen cabinet space. Use these figures and multiply them by price per foot of both lower and upper cabinets.

But primary and premium cabinets will cost differently. The former may cost a minimum of one hundred dollars per foot while the latter five hundred per foot. Hence the cabinet cost may take up 40% of your total renovation budget. When you decide to customize, it adds extra cost. Examples of the additional special features include roll-out shelves or wine racks.

Shop from Cabinet Experts

When upgrading or redesigning your kitchen, you better deal with professionals like farmers doors. Look online for various styles and designs that these experts are stocking. Any professional kitchen cabinet retailer has a website that you can use to view what they sell.

You can then go in person to their brick and motor shop, where you view and select what suits you. If you need customized items, you might as well confirm by viewing the available samples. When you consult professionals, they can give you additional advice.

How to modernize Your Kitchen Easily

Select cabinet style

Kitchen cabinets are either framed or frameless. Framed cabinets have a box and a face frame that reinforces drawers and doors. Frameless ones have thick boxes where you connect the drawers and doors directly. They give your home a modern look.

Your budget will influence the style of cabinet doors you buy. In selecting the type, you may need to ask yourself vital questions. Does it open easily? Is it swinging flexible that it allows you access inside without the door edge catching you? Does it have adjustable hinges? It’s made from which type of wood?

The answers to these questions will help you chose the best kitchen cabinets that complement your design vision.

Identify the Type of Wood and Its Color

Kitchen cabinets come of many types of wood. The many types include oak, pine, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Oak kitchen cabinets are the most popular. This material is durable, beautiful, but easy to stain.

Pine cabinets come in white, ponderosa, and yellow. The yellow and white are versatile and easy to design. Maple woods are easily adaptable. This type of wood is cheaper than oak and pine, so the fabric’s cabinets are less costly.

Cherry wood is very appealing but slightly costly. It can change from light to deep red after some time. Mahogany kitchen cabinets are not readily available. However, they have a luxurious and rich look. This type of kitchen cabinet oozes style and class.

Consider the Functionality

What do you intend to do with your kitchen cabinets? You may need to have more drawers under your countertops instead of shelves, depending on what you do in your kitchen. You can get unique kitchen cabinets from a seller like a farmer’s door. When choosing your cabinets, set a realistic budget, consider functionality, identify your style, and know the wood colors and types.

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