Revamp your Kitchen Lighting

Focus on lighting as it has the ability to change the whole spectrum of a kitchen.


Revamp your kitchen lighting by using some of the ideas that have been discussed in this article.


In order to create a French kitchen you must get a crystal chandelier with high gloss kitchen cabinets.Crystal chandelier

Inspiration from Bazaar

There are some people out there who use kitchen to hangout and entertain. To get a bazaar-inspired kitchen try to use lanterns at either end of the room to unify the space and use bar stools around the island.An enigma of bazaar


In order to give a natural enigma to your kitchen use a show stopping twig chandelier. Also try to paint the kitchen in one tone and use a light paint colour.Keep it natural


Usually when decorating a kitchen one tries to match everything. But nonmatching can create its own statement room. Different light fixtures over a breakfast table would create more intimacy as well as different ceiling lights of which in one part there can be old-fashion ceiling lights whereas in the other part there can be a billiard fixture.Do not match


To create a rugged charm in the kitchen, add vintage iron lanterns along with vintage posters of tins. Rugged

Nautical Inspired

In order to give your kitchen a nautical inspired look try to go for vintage lights with an antique armoire in soft grey blue that goes with the vintage light.Nautical inspired

Geometrics: Give your home a fresh look

English Inspired

To have an English inspired kitchen use antique light fixtures along with colourful floral tiles and contrast it with the islands as well as flooring and ceiling of the kitchen. English inspired


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