Rooms that are Outdoors

An outdoor fire pit on a patio.

Roof Deck

An outdoor fire pit on a patio.Roof decks are becoming increasingly popular and are considered to be a big attraction in the upstate New York. Plants are used for decoration as well as outdoor furniture is used with a fireplace.

Outdoor Dining

Keyword: Outdoor dining is usually sheltered from the sun and is furnished with comfortable chairs and sofa. Hanging fixtures can also be used for decoration.

A Beautiful Terrace

An outdoor patio with wicker furniture and a fireplace.Fireplace itself can play a huge role in decorating. Brick from an old patio can be used to build a fireplace and the flooring of the terrace can be made by using sand mixed with granite. A candlelit chandelier can also be used to create a soft glow over the furniture via hanging it from a tree by raising it and lowering it by a rope pulley rigged to a tree. All weather wicker furniture can be used with a salvaged wood dining table.


A living room with a fireplace.Overhead heat lamps along with fireplace help in entertaining loggia all year around. The site becomes beautiful if it is furnished with love seat in synthetic wicker along with lounge chairs and lanterns.


A covered outdoor patio with furniture and a fireplace.A porch can be used all year-round by using fans and a fireplace. Also ceiling can be painted in Black Knight. It can be furnished by using teak armchairs and sofa. Wingback chairs and pendant can also be used.


An outdoor porch with rattan furniture and wicker chairs.Rattan furniture can be used to create a relaxed living room in the veranda. Lamps will create an added appeal. Shutters and railings should be painted in a nice pastel colour like south-field green.

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