An Attractive Entryway

An entryway with striped walls.

Patterns play a huge role and place a bold impact in any area of a house especially an entryway. Usually the entryways are cookie-cutter and bland and are often painted in the same boring colours with less personality. In order to personalize the entry way and in order to make it less bland designers try to create an entryway that has a strong visual impact and creates a memorable first impression. It should be noted that even to design an entryway personalization is important in a way that the design is related to the personalities of the people living in the house such as love for entertaining.

An entryway with hardwood floors and an archway.
An entryway without decoration.

One can easily do the makeover by using stripes on wall as well as on the floor. A striped wall has an added impact and extends an open space. Moulding and custom lightings create an architectural interest. Also if one has a small child in the house one can over-go the luxurious fabrics on furniture and use durable fabric and furnishing. Abstract art can also be used to pull a modern look in a room. Such designs make a big statement. One can also decorate the entryway by using handmade pots in single colour and beautiful rug also in a single colour to make a room more attractive. Plants can also have an added benefit as they make a room or in this case the entryway livelier. Plants and stripes along with other architectural ornaments can make a big statement in an entryway.






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