Diy Modern Chandelier

A room with a bed and a lamp featuring a chandelier above.

The chandeliers are important design elements that not only have the function to light up the homes, but they play also an extremely important aesthetic role. The right chandelier can deeply transform the home decor and can enhance the style of any room, giving a touch of character, originality, appeal and personality.

Here you are ten creative ideas for DIY chandeliers that will help you to decorate in an unique way your interiors. Enjoy the gallery and choose the idea that better suits and matches your home decor!

Diy Branch Chandelier

  1. Tree Branches: If you are looking for a stunning effect, you will definitely love these chandeliers made with tree branches. As you can see in the pics, tree branches chandeliers can match any different style, from the elegant to the rustic to the shabby chic
    A white chandelier with branches.
    Stunning DIY chandelier created with painted tree branches
    A room with a chandelier.
    Fantastic DIY chandelier
    A living room with a tree branch chandelier.
    original DIY chandelier with recycled materials
    A grand chandelier illuminating a dining room table.
    original DIY tree branch chandelier
    A white dining room with a chandelier.
    DIY chandelier for elegant living room

    A branch and crystal chandelier.
    stunning DIY chandelier made with tree branch
  2. Hangers: Have you ever thought that the hangers can be transformed in a stunning chandelier? You can even choose a colored light to enhance the effect
    A chandelier made out of wooden spoons.
    original ideas for DIY chandeliers
    A wooden pendant lamp with a light bulb hanging from it, suitable for chandeliers.
    stylish DIY chandelier made with hangers

    A chandelier with a red light.
    amazing DIY chandelier created with recycled hangers
  3. Wine and beer bottles. Recycled and empty bottles of wine or of beer are perfect for an uncommon chandelier.

    A bottle chandelier.
    creative DIY chandelier made with hanging wine bottle
  4. Wine and water glasses. If you have a set of wine or of water glasses that you don’t use anymore…great! Don’t throw it away!…you can transform it in a beautiful chandelier

    A wine glass chandelier.
    DIY chandelier made with upside down wine glasses
  5. Spoons. Not only the empty bottles or old wine glasses can be used for making stunning chandeliers, but even the spoons can be transformed in an original chandelier. If you want something really colourful and funny, you can use the ice-cream spoons
    A dining room with a spoon chandelier.
    creative DIY chandelier made with recycled spoons

    Colorful chandelier hanging above a room.
    Colored ice cream spoons used for making an original and funny chandelier
  6. Graters. What do you think about this chandelier made with old and recycled graters? It’s perfect for a rustic and original dining room, as well as for a restaurant or a pub

    A chandelier with graters hanging from it.
    recycled graters used for DIY chandeliers
  7. Glob maps. Another creative idea for making original chandeliers is the use of recycled glob maps.
    Two chandeliers hanging above a toilet in a bathroom.
    funny DIY chandelier made with glob maps

    A chandelier with hanging globes.
    beautiful DIY chandelier created with recycled globes
  8. Paper. The paper is one of the most versatile material and is perfect for creative DIY ideas. Have a look at these chandeliers made with rounded pieces of papers or with stripes of paper. The final effect is really terrific
    A chandelier hanging over a table in a dining room.
    DIY chandelier made with rounded pieces of papers
    A chandelier made out of white paper.
    DIY chandelier made with paper
    A chandelier made of old books hanging in a room. (chandeliers)
    creative and original ideas for recycled paper
    A chandelier with a paper flower hanging from it.
    stylish chandelier created with paper stips

    Two pictures of a paper lamp with chandeliers.
    terrific DIY chandelier created with paper molds for cupcakes
  9. Cork caps. Another funny and original idea, is to use recycled cork caps for creating an unusual and rustic chandelier.
    A wine cork chandelier.
    amazing DIY chandelier created with recycled cork caps

    A chandelier made from wine corks hanging in a room. (Keywords used: chandeliers)
    DIY chandelier made with wine corks
  10.  Hat. Old and recycled hats can be easily transformed in a stylish and trendy chandelier

    Two chandeliers hanging in a room.
    cool DIY chandelier made with recycled hats

And you, which of these DIY chandeliers made with recycled materials do you prefer?

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