6 Bedroom Design Ideas for Men 

A bedroom with black walls and a bed.

The bedroom design ideas for men are entirely different from everyday interior décor. That’s because the man’s bedroom is primarily defined by two things – functionality and minimalism.

The man’s bedroom is highly functional, with very few extras or items that the occupant doesn’t need. This is the exact opposite of women who prefer to have many items to give them more choice. Men also rarely have excess furniture or decorative objects. Instead, the average man strives to achieve a simple, tidy look that’s comfortable and purposeful.

Thus, when designing a man’s bedroom, you must keep the above two considerations in mind. The following are creative bedroom design ideas for men to help you achieve a simple yet beautiful finish.

What are the bedroom design ideas for men you should consider?

1. Dark hues with metallics 

Dark and moody bedroom schemes work excellently when designing masculine spaces. Thus, navy blues, charcoal greys, and even black make excellent color choices. However, the key to make those dark hues stand out is to pair them with warmer tones and metallic elements.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Men - Dark hues with metallics
Bedroom Design Ideas for Men – Dark hues with metallics

For instance, you can add a few copper or gold accents through metallic lamp shades. You can spruce things up with mustard cushions to balance out the cool times. It makes the room feel cozy and inviting despite the dramatic color choices.

2. Add depth with soft inky blues 

This is particularly worthwhile when dealing with a small bedroom. Inky blue hues all over the walls and up onto the ceiling help to add depth and make the areas seem a little more spacious. It actually debunks the myth that dark colors make a room seem smaller. By blurring boundaries of space, dark hues can trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger.

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Bedroom Design Ideas for Men - soft inky blues 
Bedroom Design Ideas for Men – soft inky blues

The best part is that dark blue hues are both attractive and warm. You can even paint the walls and ceiling deep blue if you’re prepared to go the extra mile to achieve the moodiest interiors.

3. Go warm with rusty tones 

Not all men are the same. While some prefer moody spaces to enjoy alone time, others are more outgoing and social. Blues, greys, and blacks may not work for you if you belong to the latter category. Instead, you need to consider warmer, more upbeat tones.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Men - rusty tones
Bedroom Design Ideas for Men – rusty tones

One of the best choices here is red. The thing about red is that it pops right out, instantly sending a message that you’re the bold type. However, if you think standard red is too much, consider more muted, rusty reds. You can also pair it with neutral tones such as dark grey for a more subtle color palette.

4. Consider muted tones 

Another bedroom design idea for men that works excellently is using muted tones to reduce contrast. Traditionally, men’s bedrooms were synonymous with monochrome colors, i.e., black and white. However, the sharp contrast can be too much even for the occupant.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Men - muted tones 
Bedroom Design Ideas for Men – muted tones

One way to tone things down is to pair the white walls with warmer colors. Grey works exceptionally well here without upsetting the theme. It still gives you the contemporary vibe, except that it doesn’t feel extreme. You can still add monochrome touches throughout the area using pillows, throws, etc.

5. Use soft furnishings to add splashes of color 

Choices here will depend on whether you live alone or share the room. If you share the room, you should consider couples bedroom ideas that allow each party to bring in the colors and furnishings that excite them most. Alternatively, you may opt for a neutral backdrop so that no one feels they’re left out.

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men bedroom - use soft furnishings to add splashes of color
men bedroom – use soft furnishings to add splashes of color

However, if you live alone, then you have all the freedom. You can bring in splashes of color through many avenues, including rugs, drapes, bedding, and cushions. This works especially well if you don’t want the space to feel too masculine.

6. Turn the headboard into the focal point 

Basic interior décor practice requires that you have a focal point for every room. In the bedroom, it’s usually the bed. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, the man’s bed can sometimes lack the excitement that may make it an excellent focal point. An easy way to get around this problem is to turn the headboard into your focal point.

men bedroom - turn the headboard into the focal point 
men bedroom – turn the headboard into the focal point

The right headboard brings texture, shape, color, and pattern to the room – fundamental qualities of the perfect focal point. The right headboard can also anchor the space and add clean lines to create a very contemporary look.


mens bedroom ideas
mens bedroom ideas

Designing a man’s bedroom shouldn’t be too difficult. However, as we’ve seen, a few thoughtful bedroom ideas for men can add so much spark to the average bedroom, turning the space into a little haven.

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