10 heavenly nap corners where we would like to snuggle now

A collage of pictures showcasing various types of hammocks, perfect for creating cozy nap corners.


With the arrival of shorter and darker days, the end of the session and the files to finish at the office before the holidays are just around the corner, it’s time to take some time for yourself.

So, here are 10 nap corners so inviting that relaxing there is not an option, but an obligation! And to take advantage of these nap corners wonderful, we offer new pajamas, we perfume the room with lavender essential oil and we slip into sleep quietly.

1. A hideaway where to secretly read and nibble

A cozy white bed with nap corners in an attic.

To fall asleep quietly under a bath of light with an open book resting on oneself is a pure delight. The niche aspect of this corner adds an intimate side, which envelops us like a lullaby.

2. A hammock corner at the Polynesian

A hammock and pillows providing a comfortable nap corner on a porch.

If you can not have this type of hammock in the year on the balcony because of the temperature, you can install one in the solarium or in front of a large window. Do not forget the cushy cushions!

3. A secret hut

A small black cabin in the woods, perfect for finding nap corners.

How about a nap corner hidden in the woods? To sleep under the birds singing or rain falling on the roof is a marvel. If you decide to replicate the idea in your shed, do not forget to find a new storage space for the mower!

4. An ultra-cozy chaise longue

A cozy bed in a log cabin with pillows and blankets, perfect for nap corners.

This comfortable nest promises sweet dreams. At home, it will be reproduced with the knitted blanket by grandma and some vintage cushions. It will be missing a little cat lying at our feet and a nice hot chocolate on waking.

Decorate with Repurposed Picture Frames

5. A magical place to read all our favorite books

A room with a bed and nap corners.

Alternating a few chapters of her favorite book with sleep breaks is the perfect way to recharge her batteries. This corner nap shutter add to the magic!

6. An urban hammock

A black and white hammock hanging in a room designed for napping.

Here is a real lullaby for the big ones! The mix of materials brings a modern touch to the room. This nap corner will welcome us as on a cloud.

7. A room for light naps

A cozy bed with nap corners in a room with a ceiling.

Turn your attic into a nap corner lined with light. With its floor cushions, its wallpaper with gilded embellishments and its hangings adorned with purple and exotic orange, one will rest there as during the most beautiful journeys.

8. A log in the mountains

A bear napping on a log in a field.

Well, this nap corner is perhaps reserved for the most daring, but the incredible landscape surrounding the bear makes us believe that he has a good concept. And everyone knows that direct contact with wood is good for the soul, right?

9. A cushion for two

A couple napping on a round bed.

A couple napping on a purple sleeping bag.

In pita or burrito mode, this nap cushion allows us not only to let go of our creativity, but also to stick against his lover or his lover. Be careful, you’re likely to try to sting him.

10. A nap corner to wait for the holidays

A room decorated for Christmas with a cozy bed and a festive table, perfect for nap corners.

This corner is too perfect to get quietly in the spirit of the holidays. We will start with the red and white decor, then we will add the Christmas accessories once December has arrived. In addition to naps, it will be used to settle with the computer and search tumblr in search of cozy inspiration!

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