4 Great Ways to do DIY Concrete Products

DIY concrete planter

Concrete is one of the oldest building materials that has been available to man. The earliest form of concrete was used around 6500 BC by the Bedouins who roamed around and inhabited the areas south of modern day Syria and north of Jordan today. The Greeks and the Romans used it in the classical and the middle ages. Parthenon and Pantheon are perhaps two of the most impressive structures ever to be built using this material.

Post industrial age, the usually novel material for construction is now available easily and can be used for various fun and DIY purposes. While the internet is flushed with tutorials how to use it, below are few of the best ideas how to make this incredible material bring joy and fun in your offices, houses and other personal spaces.

1- Shape them up stone by using different pattern makers for your own floor designs

Concrete gives us the opportunity to make molds in all shapes and sizes so we can make our very own patterns. These molds are repeated and concrete is poured to make your floor using your own designs. Usually, these are modular and are repeated in various manners to make a random looking or strictly similar pattern. The possibilities are endless.

A series of photos showing different types of white plastic containers for DIY projects.
Different types of modules to make various concrete casts for flooring
A woman is doing DIY construction on a patio using concrete bricks.
Making your very own driveway concrete pavers using just basic modules which you can design and develop on yourself.
A guide to creating DIY concrete stepping stones.
The minus and the plus of randomly shaped walkway in concrete just after the initial concrete has settled.

2- Make your handcrafted planter in concrete

Were you the type of person who always wanted to give your greens their own home personalized by you? Cement concrete gives you that chance and yes its easy. Just make a cavity between 2 slightly different sized boxes and pour concrete within. Leave a small hole or too for the access water to seep out.

Easy Math – Decorating with Geometrics

Your plants have a new home – thanks to you.

A DIY concrete planter with a succulent.
Planter in concrete in small size with visible grains of the process
DIY concrete planter
Completed DIY Concrete Planter in raw finish and beautiful greens growing inside
A man is DIYing a concrete box.
The simple trick behind making of the planter. Make a cavity between the first and the second box to pour cement within.

3- Why not have a concrete bench in the house

Become your own carpenter to make a comfortable and good to look at designer bench by your self. All you need is a mold, some concrete and maybe a wooden ledge. The simplest is to make concrete legs and hang or place the ledge between them. If you feel like going pro, make the ledge of concrete too. Paint over it or just let the material shine and the process speak for its self.

A man is DIY-ing with concrete blocks.
Concrete bench legs being cast and its molds being taken off. These will often kept raw and rugged sit beautifully with a top slab of polished wood.
DIY Concrete bench.
Bench in composite of wood top and concrete base. Very easy to make and wonderfully beautiful to look at.
An outdoor DIY concrete table and bench with a view of the ocean.
Fully cast in concrete bench is the new aesthetic of furniture design developing rapidly in the contemporary design world

4- Set your memories in stone – Literally

Be it a hand print of a milestone of your baby’s life or a beautiful leaf that you want to preserve the memory of; concrete is your best friend. The delayed setting time of this material helps it take imprints of almost anything. Making molds of letters can just help you put a date or an event in stone – literally and all by your own self.

A DIY set of leaf-shaped concrete coasters.
Making a leaf immortal – leaving imprint of your favorite leaf on to the wet concrete surface
A DIY mosaic project featuring a boy creating a collage using concrete.
Let your kid preserve his best memories of this childhood. Give him a wet concrete surface to play with along with some stones, pebbles and his own imprints.
A person is holding up a DIY leaf-shaped concrete plate.
Veins of this beautiful leaf are imprinted on this circular piece of concrete.
The letters oss and ess are placed on a DIY concrete surface.
Make letters to give your best friend of the special one in your life.


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