Easter Decorations That Lend Importance to the Holiday


Easter decorations are amongst my favorite! While most people hear holiday decorations and switch gears to Thanksgiving or Christmas, lend importance to this holiday with fabulous decor.

Of course, the fun and bright pastels, cute little bunny rabbits, and fresh flowers are stunning. This gives you, the hostess, the chance to dazzle your guests with a memorable display this Easter!

Here are some ideas. I hope they inspire you to start preparing for the Easter holiday!

Easter Decorations for the Table

The Livinator team is no stranger to the Easter tablescape. In fact, we’ve written a whole article on how to create a stunning tablescape this Easter.

Easter decorations
Of course, you can set the table with bunny rabbit themed plates. (Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design)
Easter decorations
And you have the perfect backdrop on hand…white table linens! (Lorie Curie)
For a more adult look, stick with one or two pops of color, like this fresh aqua with yellow table. (Sand and Sisal)

Easter Decorations for the Front Porch

Easter decorations
Greet your Easter visitors with a sophisticated entryway. (French Gardener Dishes)
Of course, you should keep decorations simple for ease of removal. (Little Brags)
Easter decorations
These egg topiaries make a cute and sweet addition to the porch. (The Seasonal Home)

Easter Decorations for the Living Room

Indeed, bunny accent pillows are charming! (Pinterest)
Easter decorations
Don’t forget to dress up the mantel! (Homi Homi_
Don’t forget to decorate the fireplace mantle!
When in doubt, use Easter eggs as a centerpiece! (Sheirma)

As with all decorating, there are a couple general guidelines.

The first tip is for those with children or grandchildren. Make your decorations entertaining for children in the home. Engage them in helping you decorate and use a child-friendly mix of colors. Find bunnies, baby chicks, and other cute accessories.

On the other hand, if you want a more sophisticated look, use a neutral backdrop of white, gray or khaki. Introduce pops of one pastel color like aqua, mint green, or yellow. Use fresh-cut, seasonal flowers instead of baby bunnies and chicks. The look is more grown-up.

Interior Design Ideas for Birch Logs and Branches

So have fun experimenting with your holiday decor. Hop to it!



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