The Best Branding To Build Your Construction Company

Two construction workers at a construction site for a Construction Company.

The construction industry is not just about building homes; it also has to be about selling them and about selling yourself as a contractor. If you are solely focused on the building aspect and forget about the promotion, that can leave you chasing jobs instead of being so busy that you have to turn them away. Unfortunately, for some of the best home builders in Winnipeg, the construction business can feel tantamount to feast or famine – but not if you know how to market yourself. If you plan on using more than just word of mouth, you will have more than enough business for all those mouths you have to feed.

Construction is a highly competitive market. Just about anyone can call themselves a contractor or can jump into the business. But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. People choose their contractor marketing based on many factors. Yes, word of mouth is a very powerful tool, but there are other tools at your disposal – and if you discount them, you are missing a huge segment of the construction population.

If you don’t know who you are as a business, then how is any potential client going to know? In the same respect, if you don’t know how they will find you, how are you going to find them to market to? Branding is how you not only define who you are, what your specialty is, and what you excel at, but it is also a way to determine who your clientele is so that you can find them where they live.

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Create your “brand”

“Brand” is really a fancy word for how the public and potential clients see you as a company. It is the face that you want to show to clients and how you define yourself as an organization. The way to find your brand is to figure out not only who you are, but how you want to present yourself. Questions you will want to ask are things like:

  • What do you have to offer that the competition doesn’t?
  • Who are your competitors and what market do they have a grip on?
  • What do your potential clients want in a construction company?
  • How can you maintain consistency?

Those might sound like simple questions, but you can quickly see that as a construction business, it can be difficult to differentiate what you do best. It is also sometimes hard to know how you are going to stand out against the fierce competition until you can define who you can please and how you can please them better than anyone else.

Two businessmen in hard hats looking at a city under construction.

Creating a logo

One of the key components of branding is finding a logo that represents you. It’s very likely that your logo is going to have to be your first impression and introduction, and as any good business person will tell you, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. If you want to build a brand, it is a good idea to outsource your logo to someone in the design business who can make it look as professional as you want your construction business to appear. If you choose to go cheap, that just ends up looking cheap, and that isn’t the impression you want to make.

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Should you use a “persona”?

If you want to brand your company in an effective way, you have to decide if you as a business owner want to be the face of the company, or if you want to present yourself as a “corporation” or business. When it comes to construction, sometimes it is beneficial to be the “persona” behind the brand. People like to feel comfortable knowing that someone is at the helm and steering the ship.

Construction is usually a very emotional thing, and you want to make people feel safe knowing that you care as much about their project as they do. They don’t want to be just one out of a million or not have a face to put with the company. So, think hard about what face you want to put out there to represent yourself.

If you want people to find you, not only do they have to know who you are, but you do too. Since the construction business is very competitive, you will want to put a face to your company and make a good first impression – as well as a lasting one.

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