Gorgeous Homes with Exposed Ceiling Beams

A dining room with a table and chairs in a gorgeous home.

A subject of much debate, exposed ceiling beams are a popular feature in many older buildings which gives authenticity to period homes. A structural feature, exposed beams are now popular for the rustic and aged qualities they add to the home.

A gorgeous kitchen with wooden beams.
Knotted wood has a charming farmhouse appeal (mariakillam.com)

A single beam, genuinely structural or a simple aesthetic feature, can create a wonderfully stylish barrier between sections of an open plan home.

A girl's bedroom with two beds and a rocking horse in a gorgeous home.
Decorated beams is a creative solution for children’s bedrooms (lascositasdebeacheau.blogspot.co.uk)

If you want to minimise the cold and ‘raw’ feeling that beams can cause in light and tall rooms, decorate them with somw subtle bunting or fairy lights for fun and personality.

A gorgeous living room with white walls and stunning wooden beams.
Triangular beams make a home feel taller and stronger (brit.co)

Light coloured beams in a very white and airy home can extend the size of your room vastly and contribute to an open and casual living space.

A dining room with a table and chairs in a gorgeous home.
White beams reflect light for an open and brighter home (digsdigs.com)

For a more ‘alive home’, decorate your beams with living plants. This will add colour to your beams and create a warmer and fuller home atmosphere.

A bed in a room with a gorgeous arched window.
Exposed beams work well with other natural materials like brick (theviewfrom5foot2.blogspot.com)

Darker beams against a darker or more rustic backdrop can create a very contemporary but pastoral style. Minimal furniture and décor will give your beams more traction and dominance.

A stunning attic bedroom with a bed and a bathtub featuring exposed ceiling beams.
False beams are easy to install for visual effect (thelittlemonastery.be)

Instead of allowing domed ceilings to limit your space, contrasting ceiling beams can be used to create an elongating illusion that makes the room appear tall and wide.

A living room with wooden beams and white furniture in a gorgeous home.
Low ceilings will give exposed beams more focus and attention (simpleeverydayglamour.blogspot.com)

Creating an open plan living space in a period property can create a fantastic illusion with ceiling beams. Running in different directions, interesting beams can become a main aesthetic feature of the home.

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