What Is The Required Height of Porch Railing

A wooden deck with a railing.

Regardless of the severity of the fall, it is still a fall. Unguarded elevated platforms are dangerous places for persons of all ages, including children, the elderly, and anyone who fears heights. That’s why a porch railing height is necessary for people to grab onto.

People are kept safe from falling because of handrails. If your porch is just a few feet above the ground, you may want to consider building a railing for additional security. Railings shall be at least 36 inches high from the platform’s base on any porch or platform 30 inches above the ground.

The handrail falls about their midsection to enable the typical person to lean on the railing and not collapse since they are 512 feet tall (or 66 inches).

What Is The Required Height of Porch Railing

Design and beauty are the primary reasons for installing porch railings, but they’re also essential for safety.

Is it necessary to have a height for the height of porch railing?

Is the porch landing 30″ above the ground? The word “grade” refers to the ground in construction. Whether or not you need to place guard rails on your porch is determined by the height of your patio.

In most cases, a guard should be installed on platforms more than 15″-24″ high; however, this is not always necessary.

As a general rule, the protection of your family members takes priority above anything else. How high above grade should a fall protection system be installed?

The height of porch railings is determined by the distance between the rail posts and the vertical or horizontal spaces between the balusters and their overall height.

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To prevent objects or bodies larger than that from passing through the balusters, a recommended width of 4″ was used for the spacing. Children and pets are discouraged from entering through the 4″ spaces in the real world.

What Is the Deck Railing Post Code?

Commercial and residential structures and the items that go with them are subject to regulation and decision-making by two different agencies.

The posts of the railing system are the most important. As a result, the strength of the railing system may be gauged by the number of posts.

Posts for deck railings come in two main varieties:

  • Height
  • Spacing


Without pillars, no building can stand. For the 66″ and higher, the posts are pillars that rise straight from the ground.

All elevated platforms, including decks and porches, must meet the height requirements of the housing code. Railings are suggested for any platform that rises 30 inches above the ground.

They also say that the minimum height should not dip below 34 inches from the landing base, although a 36-inch size would be more appropriate.

That means the posts below are more than 66″ tall, which amounts to 512 feet.


Posts are critical to the deck’s and railing’s overall stability and strength. As a result, the poles should be spaced at least 6 to 8 feet apart.

4×4 and 6×6 railing posts are the most regularly utilized.

When utilizing the 4*4 posts that are smaller, the distance between rails should be a maximum of 6 feet, and those that use the 6*6 posts should be placed 8 feet apart.

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This determined measurement will increase its strength as the railing distributes weight over the split.

How to Determine the Spacing Between Railing Posts

You should measure the distance between the posts on your deck or porch before building a railing. The distance between the railing posts will determine your picket or baluster spacing.

Structural integrity is ensured in this manner.

Once the railing is in place, you may avoid high post-replacement costs by pre-calculating post spacing before you begin installing.

The steps to calculate your post spacing are as follows.

Step 1

First, use a measuring tape to determine the distance between the deck’s corner posts. Don’t forget to measure the length of each segment if you intend on placing railing on both sides of the decks.

Step 2

Split the railing into equal parts between five and seven feet in length. The length of your deck might be challenging to split at times.

An online calculator for spacing might be helpful in this endeavor. You may use the width of the posts, the length of the railing area, and the size of the balustrades to figure out how far between your posts should be.

Step 3

Make a mark where you want the posts to go on the deck. Using these markers, center a post on each of them, then mark the deck on each side of the post.

Step 4

Use a drill to make two 1/4-inch holes in the base of each of your posts, then screw or bolt the posts to the deck.

Bottom Line

Have you been able to gain some insight into the height of porch railings as a result of reading this guide? You should erect a railing guard of at least 36″ in length around any platform more than 30″ above the ground.

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As far as building regulations are concerned, there may be a common set of standards for all jurisdictions in the nation and even beyond. Even so, there are modest variances in each state.

Before starting a construction job in a new state, check with the local area codes to see what is required of you.

When the time comes for a house inspection, you don’t want to find yourself having to demolish and replace railings that don’t meet the height and dimension requirements of the new ones you’re going to put in place

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