7 Reasons to Have a Balcony

Reasons to have a balcony on a yellow building with flowers in pots.

Numerous people dream of having some sort of attachment on their home. For some, this is envisioned as a grand deck that can house many guests for get-togethers. Others may opt for something smaller, such as a balcony, for quite a few reasons. Balconies can be great additions to your home without stretching your wallet to as great of an extent as a deck would. Home styler has found some other reasons to have a balcony that every homeowner should consider.


1. Space: You can make it almost any size you want, depending on the entryway and amount of usable area on the outside wall. A balcony can save you money, as they are often smaller (and thus require less material) than decks.

A house with a balcony and palm tree showcasing the advantages of having an outdoor retreat.2. Location: Balconies are often placed at the largest window of the house. If this doesn’t suit you, or you’d rather have it on a different wall (like the side wall), that is still possible. Given that your house is sound structurally, you can put a balcony on pretty much any wall and at any height.

3. Views:¬†These offer spectacular views that are can be harder to get from your backyard or deck. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the surrounding land, which can provide inspiration or relaxation.

4. Added Value: One of the major reasons to have a balcony is that they add value. In some counties balconies are considered added living space that you can add onto your total square footage. Even if that is not the case, potential buyers will see that you have a balcony and raise the value of the house in their minds as its extra space for them, despite not technically being added square footage.

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5. Fresh Air for Pets/Kids: For those that live in smaller quarters or areas that don’t have backyards, a balcony can be a great place for a pet or kid to get some fresh air. It may just involve sitting outside on the deck reading, but that’s better than being stuck inside all day. (Of course, don’t let them be there unsupervised for long periods of time. Also make sure the railing height is ample enough to keep them from jumping and that the width between each is small enough so they can’t slip through.)

6. Relaxation with a Bonus: For parents, this can be a great place to read, write, relax, paint, etc with some privacy but still maintain eyesight of your children in the yard below.

Reasons to have balconies in an old building in Malta.

7. Covered: They can be covered completely from the elements and have windows of their own so that it can be transformed from an outdoor space to an indoor one.

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