5 Ceiling Ideas That Add Value

A living room with a pool table, fireplace, and unique ceiling ideas.

When guests or potential homebuyers enter a home they look at all the details that make up the bigger picture. They’ll look at the layout, walls, floors, outlets, bathroom, etc. Another item they’ll look at is the ceiling. Yes,  it’s high above and not at eye level, but it’s a central part of any room. It holds the light fixture as well, which leads eyes indirectly to the ceiling. That is why you should consider not only revamping your home with new furniture, wall colors or decor, but with a ceiling that can wow as well. Home Styler has found some ceiling ideas that add value to any home.

A kitchen with a brown ceiling and wooden cabinets featuring unique ceiling ideas.

1. Add Texture– Consider adding a visually pleasing texture to the ceiling. Popcorn ceilings are an easy way to do this but tend to be unpopular with new homebuyers. Rather than doing that, think about adding beams in unique designs to raise parts of the ceiling from the original part. It’ll create a unique 3-D visualscape for guests to see.

A room with a wooden ceiling showcasing unique and elegant chandelier ideas.

2.Showcase the Beams– For those that already have exposed beams in their home, showcase them! Try to refurbish the wood or paint it to draw attention.

A dining room with a white ceiling.

3. Repaint or Add Wallpaper– Painting the ceiling the same color, or a different shade, as the walls in your room can help add dimension . You can also opt to use wallpaper to add a design to your ceiling to give it a sense of sophistication or set a one-of-a-kind vibe.

A chandelier is hanging from the ceiling in a room.

4. Crown Molding– This is an easy way to revamp the ceiling and make it look like you spent a lot on the remodel. It’s one of the top ceiling ideas that add value, as it makes the room look clean and sleek without much effort.

The Mid-Century Modern Home Office
A room with a ceiling adorned with black and white flowers, showcasing creative ceiling ideas.

5. Stenciling a Design– Sometimes all a room needs is a simple design. Rather than painting or putting wallpaper on the entire ceiling, consider stenciling a design on the ceiling. If you’d like, you can even let it go onto the top of the walls to create a sense of fluidity. Of course, the stencil can go on the entire ceiling as well.

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