Creating a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

Guest bedroom with a bed, chairs, and a bathtub.

When friends and family are frequent visitors to your home, you want to make the guest bedroom a place where they feel comfortable.  The guest bedroom is a place where you can extend your hospitality by creating a space that is welcoming and provides guests with all the amenities of home alongside a few touches of luxury.

A guest bedroom with a bed, chairs, and a ceiling fan.

The bed should be dressed in nice linens with extra blankets and pillows.  A chest of drawers for storing clothing, as well as closet space, needs to be accessible.  If space permits, a desk or dresser is a nice extra that provides guests a place to work, catch up with emails or read.  Having WI-FI in your home is a plus when hosting guests who bring their laptops or other electronic devices.  Provide a comfortable chair for visitors and to provide an optional place to sit.  Place a reading lamp next to the chair for extra light.

A bedside table in the guest bedroom with a lamp and a clock.


At least one bedside table should be available with a lamp.  Adding fresh flowers and candid photos of your guest at past gatherings in decorative frames add a nice touch.  A few favorite books or magazines are always welcome for those nights when sleep evades your guest or they want some quiet time.  Personal touches are thoughtful ways to make your guest feel at home.

          Guest bedroom with a bed and mirror.

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Make up a basket with towels, soaps and perhaps some basic toiletries in case they forget to bring something.  For a little extra luxury, drape a plush robe across the bed or a chair and put a pair of slippers beside the bed.  Place a tray on the bed or dresser with a water carafe and glass.

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        A guest bedroom with a large bed and a large window.


Leave a small gift on the bed, such as a scented candle, exotic tea or a box of candy.  These small touches can make all the difference in creating a welcoming guest bedroom; one that will be fondly remembered.



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