Let Bright Colors Turn up the Volume in Your Home

A bright living room with colorful furniture and a fireplace.

Bright colors can be a challenge to work with but shouldn’t be dismissed out of fear.  A splash of bright color goes a long way in a room but boldly going full color transforms a space.  If neutrals leave much to be desired for you, let bright colors turn up the volume in your home.

A living room with a painting on the wall.
A bright and colorful home (youtube)

Choose two colors that contrast or complement one another.  Use one color as the dominant and accent with the other.  When you want a more sophisticated look, keep furnishings and accessories simple.  Clean lines are key to a more sleek aesthetic.

A living room with a bright painting on the wall.
Make a splash with color (smalldesignideas)

Let color explode in your home by mixing upholstery fabrics of vibrant hues on large pieces of furniture.  Keep the walls neutral to balance the space and provide a clean background.

A living room with bright colored couches and chairs.
Color infuses this home with energy (Fantasy House in London via drsmartblog.blogspot)
A dining room with bright yellow chairs and a chandelier.
Colorful upholstery infuses this room with energy (Fantasy House in London via drsmartblog.blogspot)

Sprinkle color around the room for a balanced look that makes a space come alive.

A living room with bright colored couches and a fireplace.
Bright colors enhance this living space (digsdigs)
A living room with bright yellow walls.
Bold color ignites this living space (lida.anton.ru)
A living room with brightly colored furniture.
Turn up the color in your home (mrtariq)

Artwork can be your inspiration or the crowning glory of a brightly colored room.  Creating a feature wall of pop art is a great way to infuse color.

A vibrant living room with colorful furniture.
Pop art complements this colorful room (Pinterest)

A colorful painting is an ideal accent for a room that needs that little something extra.  Take cues from the painting to choose accent furniture and decorative accessories.

A living room with a large painting of bright colors on the wall.
Artwork infuses color into this living room (photowizdesign)
A bedroom with bright and colorful art on the wall.
Artwork and accessories bring bright color to this bedroom (dekorsyoncini)

Bold upholstery fabric invites color into a room in a big way.  Express your color personality with vivid furniture pieces.  Balance the bold with neutrals or softer tones of the same color.

Two brightly colored chairs in a room with a fireplace and bookshelves.
Bright yellow chairs bring bold color to this room (theinteriordirectory.wordpress)
A bright orange couch in a living room.
An orange sofa gives this room a boost of color (undolock)
A dining room with a bright orange table and chairs.
Bold orange chairs bring life to this dining room (rowcdesign)

Go monochromatic and use one accent color for a statement.  Walls, window treatments, furniture and accessories in varying tones of one color give a room impact.  Create a focal point with art that contains complementary or contrasting colors.

A green and white bedroom with a vibrant mural on the wall.
Beautifully bold bedroom (i-j-c)

A vibrant bohemian look can be accomplished with a mash-up of colorfully patterned textiles.  When choosing textiles for this look, select patterns that have some of the same colors in common.

Turning Your Bedroom into a Haven
A living room with bright-colored books on a couch.
Bright fabrics enliven this space (rowcdesign)

Brightly colored geometric prints mixed with white infuse color in a less saturated method.  This gives a room a less intense punch of color.

A living room with bright and colorful furniture.
Bright colors bring this room an elegant charm (luxurybusla)

Embrace bold color and pattern with wallpaper.  Choose furnishings that contrast the primary wall color and accessorize with the same wall color throughout the room.

A living room with vibrant purple and white floral wallpaper.
Bold wallpaper makes this room pop (popohome)

If you’re not ready to commit to an overall color transformation, start by adding bright accents.  Use the same color or group of colors throughout the design to keep the look cohesive.

A bright and colorful kitchen with a dining table and chairs.
Subtle pops of color (drawhome)
A living room with bright colors.
Bold pops of color throughout give this space energy (trendir)

Working with bright colors is a great way to add some fun and energy to your space.  Don’t be afraid to go bold and bright.  To start slowly, experiment with a few colors and see where it takes you.  You can gradually add more color as you become more accustomed to a brighter interior.


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