Romantic Master Bedroom Ideas To Set The Mood For Love

A romantic master bedroom with a chandelier.

Designing a romantic master bedroom can set the mood for love. In fact, setting a romantic atmosphere can improve your relationship.  Indeed, when you feel beautiful, and you’re surrounded by beauty, you are more inclined to feel romantic.

Certainly, there are no right or wrong preferences to bedroom decor.  However, keep an eye open to romantic elements for the master bedroom.   Here are a few simple tips to help you create a master bedroom made for romance.


Lighting is very important in every room. This is especially true in the master bedroom

Immediately remove those contractor flush-mount lights that are probably in your bedroom. Replace them with the upscale look of a chandelier.

In these romantic bedrooms, the chandelier is the centerpiece.  In fact, consider it the crown jewel of your bedroom. Certainly, chandeliers add elegance and character. In addition, they cast a soft and flattering light.   Often, you can install a dimmer switch to make the light ever so soft.

A romantic bedroom featuring a chandelier.
This romantic master bedroom is crowned with a chandelier (
A romantic master bedroom featuring a canopy bed and chandelier.
An elegant chandelier tops off the look of this romantic bedroom (



Naturally, you will need to invest in new linens. This is essential to a master bedroom makeover.

Obviously, fabrics should be soft to the touch in the master bedroom.  Touch is sensuous. Therefore, touch is essential to a romantic feeling.

Consider fabrics which are flattering, soft, and flowing.  These lend themselves to romance. Of course you would want to fall into piles of soft duvets, pillows, and gauzy fabric.

A rule of thumb is to choose fabrics and textiles that make you want to fall right into bed.

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A romantic master bedroom with beds at ayurveda resort sri lanka.
Fabric softens up a minimalist bedroom. (
A romantic white bedroom.
Sheer fabrics lend romance to this master bedroom (


Red inspires passion and romance.  Historically, red has been used to represent love. Why? Literally, this is because it is the color of our hearts.

Red is psychologically a stimulating color.  Therefore, it is often used in restaurants to stimulate appetite.  So let’s incorporate it into the bedroom to stimulate romance.

Some people love red and know how to own it! On the other hand, some people fear red. In fact, this fear is because they don’t know how to incorporate it.

Naturally, if you fall into that second category, you are cringing as you read this.  But don’t be afraid to choose red!

Below is an example of a very red master bedroom.  This look is softened by the touches of taupe in the upholstery and carpeting.  This is a luxurious look.  Of course, you can keep the red duvet and one red accent wall if you want to dial back on the red.

A romantic bedroom with red walls and gold accents.
A red master bedroom stimulates romance. (


In contrast to the red theme, you should consider white.  White is the color a bride wears. Historically, it represents purity and virginity.

Truthfully, some people consider white boring.  Don’t! It is an exciting way to decorate when used properly.

White is also romantic and inviting.  Indeed, it adds traditional charm to the atmosphere of your master bedroom.

If you are not inspired by white, try adding a few pops of color.

In the photo below, a soft lavender wall softens the white.  A zebra ottoman suggests just a touch of the naughtiness.

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A romantic master bedroom with zebra print curtains and candles.
White textiles are softened by pastel walls and zebra accents. (

However, you can use white in a more traditional manner.  White textiles, furnishings, and accent pieces are set against a soft blue wall. In addition, this touch of blue keeps the room grown up looking.

A romantic bedroom with blue walls and white furniture.
White textiles pop against a romantic soft blue wall (


Obviously, you can’t always start a renovation of your master bedroom.  In some cases, you can keep it very simple.  Display candles carefully throughout the room.  Light the candles and enjoy the soft, warm glow

A romantic bed in a master bedroom.
Candles lend a soft romantic glow in the master bedroom. (
A romantic bedroom with brown and white decor.
Candle sconces softly glow in a master bedroom. (

Finally, design your master bedroom to always inspire romance. After all, you only live once!

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