Top 7 Teenager Bedroom Color Schemes

Decorating the kids’ room can be difficult for many reasons. Perhaps they drastically change their likes and dislikes every week. Or maybe they don’t even know what they like yet. So, decorating might seem a waste of time as they do not like it anyway.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The good news is that if you can crack their “code” and give them the perfect color scheme, they’ll be forever grateful. We’ve identified four teenage bedroom colors schemes that may just do the trick.

1. Jade green and fuchsia 

A common piece of advice you’ll get from interior décor experts about decorating a teenager’s room is that you should use the term “color scheme” lightly. The reason is that even if you and the kid have settled on the primary colors, you’ll often need to sprinkle several “supporting” colors to make the room exciting for them.

Top 7 teenager bedroom color schemes

Thus, jade green and fuchsia color schemes can help you achieve a practical outcome. These two colors combine light and dark tones, with cool and warm schemes to make the room exciting and refreshing. They also bring out the richness and depth synonymous with the youth.

2. Turquoise and white 

Another killer combo for kids who like their spaces sophisticated is turquoise and white. Ideally, you want to make sure the room is properly sunlit. The turquoise gives the room a touch of serenity that will provide the young ones with the peace they need as they grow up. Meanwhile, the white helps visually “expand” the room, leaving even the smallest bedroom looking spacious.

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Turquoise and white kids bedroom

If you like, you can enhance the quintessential wall color combination by adding complementing furniture. You can also add matching accessories. A few indoor plants may also work to help the kid connect with nature.

3. Various tones of purple 

The beauty of purple is that it’s not gender-specific. From the outset, it may seem more feminine. However, the perfect shades of purple work like a charm in boy’s rooms. You just need to get your selection right.

A teenager's bedroom with purple and pink furniture.
Various tones of purple

The best idea is to opt for a potpourri of all shades of purple. Mixing multiple shades of purple adds a contemporary touch to the teen’s bedroom while providing them with an entertaining space that they can enjoy every minute. Of course, you can enhance the décor with accents, such as pillows, to add texture.

4. Navy and mint

Navy and mint are two colors that combine very well, even for adults’ bedrooms. However, they also make excellent choices for teenagers’ bedrooms. The dark shade of navy blue adds depth and stateliness. It particularly makes a good choice in colder areas, though it can be a great choice even in warmer areas if paired with white tones.

A teen's room decorated in mint and white.
Navy and mint kids bedroom

Meanwhile, mint green provides a fun, fresh zing. It also adds an alternate dimension to the color scheme, making it more acceptable among girls. Always experiment with shades. You can even have the kid help you choose.

5. Grey and red

You’re probably wondering how these two would work. Well, they do. In fact, if you can find the perfect shades of red and pair them with a great tone of grey, you’d end up with the coziest bedroom on earth. Okay, that may be an exaggeration. However, kids love bold colors, and red is perhaps the boldest color on the planet.

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Grey and red kids bedroom

Your most important tool here is the wide range of shades. Both red and grey offer endless color depths. If your son dislikes a very strong red color, you can opt for more muted tones. Girls may also prefer softer greys.

6. Azure sky and summer yellow 

We all know that teenagers are whimsical, and their opinions change in a flash. Teenagers are also more updated about style than probably any age group. They read about them in magazines, discuss with friends, and the category keenest to try out new things. It’s partly why their opinions change rather fast.

Two beds in a blue and yellow teenagers' bedroom.
Azure sky and summer yellow  kids bedroom

A combination of azure sky and summer yellow colors is the perfect combination to keep them both excited and contented. They’ll likely know about the benefits of a serene environment, which azure blue promotes. Meanwhile, yellow helps to keep things exciting.

7. Peach and gold 

Finally, two other colors that combine excellently for the perfect teenage bedroom color scheme are peach and gold. Peach is a more feminine color, though you can have darker shades for the boy’s room. However, what truly brings masculine energy is gold. Young buys adore gold.

Peach and gold   kids bedroom

Thus, combining the two colors allows you to create a gender-neutral environment that any teenager would thrive in, male or female. Again, always try to involve the kid in selecting the final colors. Also, accessories can help fade out strong colors or bring in new colors to the scheme.


Choosing the proper teenage bedroom color schemes doesn’t always have to be a boys-vs.-girls contest. You can find numerous color schemes that work equally well for both genders if you do good research.

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