Bad Habits That Rob You of Your Beauty Sleep

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Who doesn’t want better sleep? To go to sleep easily, slumber soundly, and awaken refreshed is but a dream (pardon the pun!) for many of us. But what you may not realize is that beauty sleep could be eluding your because you have developed poor sleep habits.

Here are a few bad sleep habits to break.


Taking Daytime Cat Naps

A person experiencing beauty sleep on a couch.
Daytime naps can disrupt your sleep needs.

Taking daytime cat naps can cause you to feel overly alert at night. If you’re sleepy during the day, try to drink a tall glass of water to refresh your body. Save the sleepy time for night time.

A kitten is peacefully sleeping on a window sill.
Save the cat naps for the cat.

Exercising Close to Bedtime

If you work out closer to bedtime, you are setting yourself up for sleep failure. As you pump the blood into your arteries and get your heart rate up, you are only going to make it more difficult to come back down to sleep.

Eating Late

Late night meals, especially heavier ones, can cause acid reflux when you finally hit the bed. This can cause stomach discomfort and sleeplessness due to the discomfort.

Sleeping With Pets in the Bed

If you let Fido or Fluffy sleep in the bed with you, please just stop. As they move around throughout the night, they will disturb your slumber.

A woman enjoying her beauty sleep with a pug dog by her side.
Pets can hog the bed and disrupt your sleep rhythms.

Keeping LED Lights in the Bedroom

The LED light that emits from your television equipment, cell phone, or tablet can actually interfere with you getting restful sleep. Even the tiniest amount of LED light can give off enough light to interfere with your sleep cycles. Use non-LED alarm clock to awaken you in the morning and leave that disruptive light out of the bedroom.

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Opt for a non-LED alarm clock to ensure better sleep.

Changing Your Bedtime

Good sleep requires good sleep habits. Go to bed at about the same time each evening. You’ll train your body to gear down to sleep at a set time. Of course, this will make it easier for you to get that good sleep you so badly need.

A woman is peacefully resting on a bed with pillows.
You’ll be well-rested when you break these bad sleeping habits.

The Wrap Up

You deserve to get that good shut-eye. Start breaking those bad sleeping habits that have robbed you of your beauty sleep.

Habits that rob you of your beauty sleep.
Learn how to get better sleep by breaking bad bedtime habits.
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