Creative Ways to Update Your Bathroom Lighting

It’s not uncommon to find bathroom lighting at the bottom of the list of priorities in relation to other spaces in a home. However, today’s bathrooms have become large and more intricate. Consequently, proper lighting has also become an essential part of these spaces.

Lighting is a proven technique when it comes to setting the mood of interior spaces. This is also true of baths. Anyway, that’s a place where many people love spending much of their time in the morning and evening. As such, you’ll also like to create a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere in this room.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break your bank to update your bath’s lighting. In fact, the project can be relatively cheaper than doing an intensive bathroom renovation. So, here are 7 intelligent and stylish ways of saying goodbye to that boring lighting in this important space.

The Secret of Illuminated Mirrors

A well-lit bathroom with a sink and mirror above it.Gone are the days when illuminated mirrors were the exclusive entitlement of luxury Hollywood boudoirs and high-end hotels. Several restyle projects are now adopting this addition to add that soft tone to the room instead of the brighter ambient lighting. This secondary light source promises to shift the entire outlook of your bathing and grooming space.

Stylish and practical, illuminated mirrors come in a variety of conventional and contemporary LED designs. Battery-operated versions are also becoming popular. These ones do not require wiring to operate.

Enhance Your Room’s Grandeur with a Stylish Chandelier

Adding a chandelier to your bath can dramatically change its appearance. The light fitting has the advantage of holding many light bulbs. As a result, a chandelier can offer adequate ambient lighting to every corner of your space. Especially, chandeliers are great sources of general light that can also introduce glamour in your spaces.

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The good news is that you don’t have to go overboard in terms of your budget (unless it’s your desire) to get your taste. In fact, you can still make a bold statement with a simple but elegant model. Chandeliers come in an extensive range of designs, shapes, and sizes. All you need is do your homework properly in order to shop your bathroom’s perfect style.

Employ Recessed Downlighters

Perfect for all kinds of bathrooms, recessed downlighters are an incredibly functional, versatile, and modern lighting style. Apart from their usefulness in adding ambiance to any room, they take up very minimal space.

Place your recessed lights close to one another to increase brightness and they won’t feel clinical or excessively harsh. Alternatively, you can direct them to a particular focal point like an ornamental feature mirror. Also, you could build them right into your bathroom’s shelving or place them under cabinets. That’s how versatile recessed lights can get.

Light Up Your Bathroom Floor with LED Lights

A large bathroom with ample lighting.With their glamour and ultra-modern style, LED lights are a distinctive and inspiring way to light up your bathroom. Quite versatile, you can select from the white, colored, or color-changing bulbs and fix them all around your bathtub’s bottom. Alternatively, you can make an exciting impact by sinking them into steps.

The Magic of Lighting Your Bathtub and Shower

There’s nothing that completely transforms your bathing or showering experience like having a shower or bath with fitted spotlights. It creates a distinctively unwound atmosphere. Turn your usual bathroom into a multipurpose haven with clever lighting options that are readily available today.

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Very soft illuminations with calming music in the background can make a difference in the way you recline in your bathtub. Similarly, taking a shower with LED light colors changing over your head can really be energizing.

Style Up Your Space with Pendant Lights

Do you need some extra warmth and depth in your bathroom? Pendant lights could just be your perfect fit. You can cluster them together or spread them out depending on your bathroom’s lighting needs and style. Whether you have a polished, stone, or matt washroom finish, pendant lights are there to compliment your bathing space. They’re also great focal points.

A modern bathroom with wooden floors and a sink enhanced by sophisticated lighting.The advantage of pendant lights is that they come in a wide range of materials such as glass, stone, metal, timber, chrome, and bamboo. As such, it’s not hard to find a suitable light for your home’s décor.

However, pedants require good positioning to function properly. If you hang them too low, there won’t be sufficient light. On the other hand, they may look awkward if you hang them too high. If you’re not sure, call a professional to help you.

Go Natural with Skylights

A modern bathroom with grey tiles and a bathtub featuring adequate lighting.When it comes to bathroom lighting, nature is a great alternative. In fact, it has an added advantage of ventilation. Skylights are your bathroom’s natural, energy-efficient lighting solution that doesn’t sacrifice your privacy. With some multi-level dwelling units and wall spaces, the lighting’s solar options are more suitable.

Need Professional Assistance?

It’s high time you transformed your bathroom’s outlook and function by upgrading its lighting. There’s a vibrant variety of options waiting for you out there. What’s more, it’s not a must to use up all your savings in order to get what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure, contact us today to help you improve your bathing and grooming experience.

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