Inspirational Green Living Rooms To Relax Your Senses

Modern living room interior with furniture and artwork.

The color green is the color of life, renewal, nature and energy. Inspirational as it is, it is also associated with growth, harmony, freshness, fertility and environment. Moreover, it has a healing power as the most relaxing color for the human eye to view. Bearing this in mind, it seems like a pretty great way of having an inspirational green living rooms to relax, doesn’t it?

Also, it is a natural choice in interior design as an ideal background because we as humans are so used to seeing it everywhere. Therefore, we have put together fifteen inspirational green living room ideas to relax your body and soul with decor schemes to help you decorate your own.

Inspirational Dark Green Living Rooms to Relax


An inspirational living room with green walls and orange furniture.
Soft and peaceful green living room.

Dark green living room in combination with grey floor and traditional rusty orange sofa color with earthly colored rug surely inspires. Wooden accents and colorful wall art complete the decadent decor. The large windows provide a lot of natural light making it bright and shine.

A living room with green walls and white furniture that is inspirational.
Modern and stylish green living room with natural lighting.

Is there anything more restful on the eye than this combination of green shades? The dark and yet calming color of green has been put together with a beautiful white beige and mint sofa. Additionally, white coffee color of walls is a perfect combination which creates the vibrant tone.

A room with inspiring green walls.
Inspirational and relaxing dark and light green wall.

Further more, the combination a light green and  strong green tone in single wall is the perfect for the eye. The white marble fireplace with the sensitive touch of wood enhances the presence of nature. On the other hand, this modern chair and a lamp provide the fashionable note.

Autumn-inspired Interior Design
A living room with green velvet furniture and gold accents that is stylish and inspirational.
Luxurious emerald green.

Jewel tones are known for being lavish and intense and deep emerald is no exception. It’s a striking color that always turns heads, particularly when you use it in abundance like in this living room.

A living room with green walls and a TV, perfect for an inspirational space.
Sleek, stylish and modern living room.

In this inspirational green living room, the incorporation of green is not just through the walls it self, but also through the plants on the wall shelves. In like manner, this wide room benefits from the white cabinets. Not only are they stylish, but they are also a great place to stash DVDs and any other items that might visually clutter the room.

A living room with inspirational green walls.
A dark green accent wall combines with the brown wooden window to create a tranquil vibe in this small living room. To ensure that such a tiny space doesn’t look overly busy, curtains add a beautiful note of severe look to it.

Inspirational Natural Green Rooms which Relax Your Senses


A living room with inspirational green walls.
A contemporary haven with moss green wall.

On the other hand, the natural green paint color has got to be one of the most relaxing of all. Teamed with light beige border ceiling and some of the furniture the look is kept fresh and uncomplicated. The incorporation of wooden accents, brought in via nesting coffee table add just enough weight to the light scheme.

A green living room with a ceiling fan.
Unusual combo with large windows.

This large and spacious green living room is highlighted with the use of nature wall art which gives it a natural feel. Looks like large windows are a part of this wall nature art. Also, by adding contrasting orange color, perfectly shatters up the monotony.

A living room with green walls and a cactus on the wall, perfect for inspirational decor.
Likewise, the calming color of duck egg green tempts you to relax your senses.  Introduction of soft pink cactus art on the wall warms up this pleasant shade. The cream color of the chair and white brass rug are all the same tone and blend almost as one.

An inspirational living room with green walls and white furniture.
A bold and spacious wall.

The bright pop of lime green on the walls plays amazingly well off with the geometric white pictures lined with black and beige. The combo of a bright color in combination with grey upholstery is a wonderful way to create an inviting space to relax.

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An inspirational living room with green carpet and furniture.
The enormous green rug brakes up the monotony.

A green and white color scheme can bring freshness and light to an open concept of living room like this. A bold green carpet and gray pairing might be what your living room needs to be inspirational and relaxing.

Inspiring Green Accessory


Three green cactus prints hanging above a couch in an inspirational living room.
Different aspects of green color.

By adding the appropriate accessory and wall nature art you can create the bright oasis for you to enjoy. Introducing a green from indoor plants acts as a subtle way of  adding the new shade of green.

A green living room with gray accents.
In this lounge scheme the color has been restrained to only the cushions and an armchair. Gold accents and glass add a little bit of luxury and up the elegance factor.

Overall, the color of green relaxes your body and soul, calms down your senses and creates a sense of nature in your home. So, don’t be afraid to add green in your living room.

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