Delutter Your Tiny Sleeping Area into a Small Master Bedroom

Good things come in small packages! Whatever that adage really means remains a mystery to many, but it surely comes to mind when you set eyes on a well-organized small master bedroom.

It sounds impossible, but better believe in yourself; you can make a big fuss out of your tiny sleeping area and grab the attention of the few who ever step into this private room.

The Catch, and the Remedy to a Small Bedroom

A small bedroom with wooden floors and a bed made out of pallets.

A small bedroom with a bed and a desk.

The primary problem for many tiny bedroom owners is clutter. Nothing disorganizes you like a cluttered space! It’s true, even if you won’t admit it! Disorder can take a toll on your design and proceed to affect your productivity.

The opposite is true for an organized space—no matter how small it is. The secret to a tiny room is eliminating clutter and arranging the essentials carefully and thoughtfully.

A small bedroom with glass doors and a bed.

You’re probably worried about extra space because you haven’t calculated how much more you’d spend to decorate, accessorize and remodel it from time to time.

Consider your tiny space a blessing (not a curse) because more space often means more problems, which naturally translates to a larger budget.

A small white bedroom with a bed and a bedside table.

Your Strategy in this Project

Here’s how to plan your small master bedroom project.

A small master bedroom with a bed and a desk.

A small white master bedroom with a bed and a fireplace.

  1. Plan your time. Determine the amount of time you have and plan.
  2. Remove everything and start afresh to use your space better.
  3. Be thorough with your decluttering. Do away with the unnecessary.
  4. Organize what’s left into “remove” or “keep” for further decluttering.
  5. Make the most of your space without squeezing things.
  6. Furnish with décor

A small master bedroom with a view of the water.

And of course, you can paint walls and rework your floor, before you start rearranging (step 4), if you’re doing a complete makeover.

How to Enhance Your Interiors with Key Home Details

Tips to Achieve More in Your Small Master Bedroom

1. Use a simple arrangement

A small master bedroom with a clock on the wall.

Arrangement is key and there’s no secret to it. You just have to plan your small space in the best possible layout.

One approach, however, that makes any bedroom look spacious is adding a centrally-placed bed and two bedside cabinets—one on each side.

2. Light up your space

A small master bedroom with a bed, desk, and TV.

Add plenty of lighting to you tiny space so it doesn’t look too dark. When shopping for lights, consider those that you can attach to a wall, or hanging lights.

Avoid lamp stands and table lamps that can eat up your already limited space.

3. Use colorful décor

A small modern bedroom with wooden walls and a bed.

A small master bedroom with a large bed.

Use decoration that adds pops of color to you small master bedroom to breathe more life into it.

You can do this by adding a contrasting wall painting or table lamp.

4. Welcome the outdoor

A small modern bedroom with wooden walls and a white bed.

Connecting your sleeping area to the outdoors can help create the illusion of space because the eye can see as far as it wants.

This design works best if you have floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a wide field of view. Pair with push-aside curtains for when you need privacy.

5. Reduce furniture to a minimum

Small bedroom

You really don’t have to squeeze in a huge table, or the bedside cabinets discussed above if you don’t have the space.

Keep furniture to a minimum to avoid a cramped bedroom.




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