Eight Photo Ideas to Personalize Your Home With Pictures of Your Family

With the advent of technology, you are used to storing your pictures on your mobile phone, computer, cloud or splash them all over social media. These are little cliched photo ideas to store and display your family memories. But displaying them in your home takes it to the next level.

Mounting your pictures on the wall may seem old fashioned, but with a little twist, your pictures will be a work of art wherever you decide to display them in your home.

Glass Bottle Photo Ideas

A simple glass bottle is a perfect and unique way to display your family photos. Insert your pictures in different sizes of glass bottles and conspicuously display them.

Clock it up

How about seeing your loved ones every time you check the clock? You can creatively display those memorable moments you spent with your family on your wall clock. It will look great.

Let the Wall shine with your Smiles

Pick a portion of your living room wall and display your family photos from top to bottom. Your breathtaking smiles on the wall will be a point of focus in your home. Apart from decorating your home, this unique idea is a sure way of elating your mood.

Wreaths are Favs!

You can get creative and make a wreath yourself or purchase one. A wreath can never disappoint when it comes to displaying your pictures in sets.

Geometric alignment

A unique geometric arrangement is an equally creative idea. Create a pattern on your wall to display your photos. Attach your photos on the geometric line.

Monochromatic Hues

Create a photo grid of pictures with the same colour theme. Fit the pictures tightly together to form a square, rectangle or triangle. Then you can display them on the wall.

Give Corner to your Photo Ideas

You can display your photos in layers over a fireplace, bookshelf or a cupboard. Starting with the big picture and displaying other photos with smaller frames on and around it.

Stairway to Heavenly Photos

Displaying your family photos along the stairway creates a dramatic effect on your walls. It will work to your advantage if you display the pictures in an upward angle just like the staircase steps.

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