5 Most Fashionable Home Designs in 2019: Let Us Take the Stock

A fashionable living room with a brick wall.

For most of the last decade or two, the most significant style in home decor was mid-century modern. It is practical and features clean lines; the main focus is on comfort. However, 2019 has brought some other trends into the spotlight. There is a change regarding more decorative spaces, featuring pop-art elements, accent color, and bohemian style. 

The comfort is still the main priority, but there is also a need to create a somewhat unique and artsy space in one’s home. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should change the whole interior.

Still, you might get inspiration from the trends to bring something new into a living room or bedroom. Here are the top five significant home design trends of 2019. 

A fashionable home with a blue and white kitchen.

Two-Tone Kitchen 

We all are used to think of the kitchen as one-colored spaced, usually light or even bright. The new trend allows more freedom with two-toned cabinets. First of all, they shape the space differently. Secondly, such a choice adds the pop of color into a slightly boring space. 

The tones might be both neutral, upper cabinets’ white and lower ones toned-down gray, green, or even black. There is also a trend to have an island of either color than cabinets, to make an accent on it. 

It can be a great move to make a steady design between the kitchen and dining/living room. The accent color of the last one can be added to the cabinets. There is also an opportunity to play with textures and materials as well as combine them beautifully. 

Matte Black Finish 

Overall, pastel colors are in favor now. Yet, there is always a demand for a dark accent color, and black has got a new life with a matte finish. The finish might seem like a small detail compared to the design of a room in general. But this is just the element that adds style and tights it all together. 

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It can be used for kitchen utilities or wooden furniture. The effect in question is relatively easy to achieve, so you can bring new life to a favorite desk where you do homework or search for essay help and to the old journal table where you enjoy morning coffee or keep a favorite book. 

Natural Materials

Indeed, one might say that natural materials have always been trending. However, now it is all about the wood and nature elements in the décor. Wood is getting popular as it is durable and flexible in terms of use. It can be painted, stained, left natural – the sky is limit.

People generally feel better even with the slightest natural elements in homes. The trend goes further than just adding wood into décor. It is also about bringing in flowers, plants, and greenery. Whether it is just one plant or a whole waterfall installation on the wall, you decide what is suitable.

A fashionable home with potted plants and a sunlit kitchen.

Extensive Accessories

We all had enough of minimalism by this time. Of course, it had its moment, and some people might still prefer this option, but beware you all – the accessories are coming back. This particular trend is all about exciting shapes and materials of chandeliers, lamps, and other décor pieces. 

And the accessories can be the combination of various styles, the more the better. It is quite eclectic and bohemian at the same time. One of the trendiest colors is gold for accessories and home décor in general. 

One can add a creative touch yo the surrounding space by playing with combining different materials, textiles, and prints at the same time. You can simply add more pillows to a sofa or find a beautiful golden lamp at a thrift store. If you are lucky and persistent enough, finding such items will prove affordable and cheerful. 

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A fashionable living room with flowers and a fireplace.

Yellow Is on Top 

One of the most influential colors in home design today is yellow. We mean each shade, from ochre to a bright sunlight tone. The yellow color is used in various styles because it is quite versatile in its tones and shades. It can be used as an accent or as the main tone decision for a whole room.

It is close to natural colors, so it is quite calming and simply beautiful. It was definitely underused in previous decades, so now yellow is going strong as a fresh idea. You can add something yellowish to any space with some decor pieces or elements like textiles used in interior design. 

A fashionable living room with a yellow couch.

Final Words

Trends in design are continuously evolving and changing. It is an excellent idea to add some new elements from time to time, but there is no need to alter the entire interior every two years unless you want to. 

In 2019, the trends focus hugely on nature elements in terms of materials, prints, and accessories. The minimalism is coming out of age now with the popularity of various décor elements taking the stand. 

Nowadays, it is all about eclectic spaces as much as comfortable ones. One can easily add a pop of color or make an accent by painting cabinets, tables, or simply bringing new plants and a few pillows. 

The main point is to create a comfortable living space that is suitable for you. 

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