How Decor Accessories Can Improve Your Design

A living room with white furniture and purple decor accents.

Decor accessories can reinforce the design style of larger pieces. The key is to identify common design motifs from your main pieces and find accessories that follow similar design trends. The use of texture and color is one effective way to accomplish this goal. Keeping your design cohesive and interesting is an important part of the decorating process.

Adding Decor Accessories To A Room

Adding decor accessories to your design can create a sense of cohesiveness in your room. However, when choosing decor items, keep in mind that they need to complement the overall aesthetics of the room. A small burst of color can throw off the whole design, so be careful. It’s best to use the color wheel to determine what will go well in space. Lighting affects how we experience a room, so you’ll want to carefully consider the placement of lighting fixtures and accessories. Adding unusual lighting to a room can provide additional visual interest and create a mood. Also, pink bedroom rugs can also add beauty to your bedroom.

Adding decor accessories can make your room appear more spacious and more attractive. They also have functional purposes. Adding lamps and potted plants to a room can provide essential lighting. Additionally, they can clean the air while adding color to the room. Adding throw blankets is also a great way to add texture and warmth to a space. These accessories can be inexpensive and can be changed to suit a changing mood or design.

Grouping Them To Create Visual Impact

If you want to maximize the visual impact of your room, group decor accessories together. It is best to use groupings of three or five pieces. When a room is filled with more than three items, the space will look cluttered. Grouping items based on size, shape, and color is a good strategy. You can also group items based on height, which will add interest. For instance, if you want to decor your bedroom, you can also add proper sized pillows, comfortable mattresses, beautiful rugs etc.

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When grouping decor accessories, you should avoid placing the same item in the same location. Instead, group similar items in a similar color scheme. This will make the space look cohesive and attractive. Avoid placing too many similar items together, however, as too much will detract from the visual impact.

Arranging Them In Odd Numbers

It is important to use odd numbers for your decor accessories, including candles and other decorative pieces. It makes your room appear more visually appealing than using even numbers. Choosing odd numbers for your items allows you to create more interesting height variations and create an overall harmonious design. Arranging items in odd numbers is also beneficial when it comes to mixing vertical and horizontal objects.

One trick that will make your decor accessories more effective is the rule of three. Like if you want to add decor to your bedroom and specifically the bed, then you can add weighted blankets for the bed, beautiful pillows, comfortable bedsheets etc.


Choosing decor accessories is an effective way to add variety and style to your home. Accessories can also help you achieve the exact mood you’re aiming for in a room. When selecting accessories, keep in mind that they should enhance the overall design, not dominate it. Using color or texture contrasts is a great way to achieve this effect.

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