Pampas as perfect decoration

A wedding ceremony set up on a grassy area near the ocean with pampas grass as decoration.
A living room with a white couch and pampas grass as decoration.
Pampas has a slight neutral color and a soft texture

There are some almost universal ornaments that you can combine in hundreds of ways that always look good. Pampas grass is one such example. Due to its attractive appearance, for several seasons, it has been an absolute hit when it comes to interior decoration.

It looks very effective in space and fits perfectly into any interior. All you need to do is put the pampas in a larger or smaller vase, and you can decorate virtually any room in the house with it.

About pampas

It is a tall grass, growing in dense tussocks that can reach a height of 3 m. It’s a cauliflower plant native to southern South America, including the Pampas region by which it’s named. It has long and narrow leaves, and their color varies from silver-green to olive green. The flowers are arranged in pink, gray, or white brooms. If you are a gardening enthusiast, you can easily grow it yourself. However, if you just want the decoration in your home, you will often find it in specialist stores.

A wedding reception adorned with pampas grass hanging from the ceiling.
Pampas are often used to decorate large spaces because of their size and graceful appearance

Decorating with pampas

You can decorate pampas perfectly with all kinds of vases or even large glass jars or bottles. Let your imagination run wild as pampas will look good in every combination. You can use glass vases of different sizes, either ceramic or canvas. It’s all the same. The pampas are light in color and delicate in texture, allowing for a combination with all materials.

Also, it matches all the colors. You can use translucent, white, black, or colorful vases depending on the rest of the decoration in your home.

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A living room with a grey couch and a rattan coffee table featuring pampas grass as decoration.
You can use all kinds of vases or jars for pampas

For larger spaces, use large vases and larger specimens of pampas to make it look more glamorous. You can also use it for smaller table arrangements and in combination with other flowers.

One of the more interesting ideas is to arrange the arrangements that you will hang on the ceiling above the dining table. In which case, you don’t need any container, just make a bouquet of the desired size and place it above the table. It will look great and give a new dose of glamor to your dinner with friends.

A white console table with pampas grass as decoration.
You can use translucent, white, black, or colorful vases depending on the rest of the decoration in your home

Pampas is dry and will, therefore, last a very long time. Don’t be afraid to shake it or vacuum it to remove dust, and you’ll have a beautiful decoration again.

You can freely put it in any room in your home, and it won’t look out of place. Fits in every room from the dining room and living room to the bathroom or hallway. Allow pampas to make any place visually warmer.

A bathroom with pampas grass as decoration and a mirror.
Pampas are adaptable to any room in your home
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