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70 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas

Before starting with the topic of small bathroom ideas, we are first going to jot down a few reasons why you should opt for a smaller bathroom instead of a big one. You see a lot of people out there misunderstand the concept of “luxurious”. They think that the bigger the bathroom will be, the more luxurious it will look.

But to us, luxury is all about how you design your bathroom and what things you put inside. Know that when it comes to the bathroom, it’s never about the size, in fact, it’s all about the structure and the design.

Now, if you still have some doubts about having a small bathroom then don’t worry and stick with us a little longer. We are now going to jot down some reasons that might convince you to opt for a small bathroom as compared to a big one.

1. You can save a lot of floor space

Let’s admit the fact that whether you have to build a house from the scratch or renovate it, shortage of space is something that you will always have to deal with. Now, having a small bathroom means saving yourself some good floor space which can be utilized for several purposes during the construction of the house or later in the future.

2. Small spaces are cozier

You don’t want to freeze when you enter your bathroom in winters, right? Well, if yes then you need to opt for a smaller bathroom because they are comparatively warmer and cozier too. Know that the color scheme of your bathroom matters to and if you love a comfortable bathroom then decide on a color following your requirements.

3. Less cleaning

The bigger the bathroom is, the more you have to clean it and the more time consuming the process will be. On the other hand, the smaller the bathroom, the less you have to clean, and the more time you can save. It’s pretty simple!

We hope you are now convinced about having a small bathroom but a great design. So now, let’s begin with the topic of today and let’s together make a fantastic bathroom!

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Why A Luxurious Bathroom?

If you are someone who wants to add a touch of luxury to his house, then you need to start with your bathroom. You see a lot of people out there have amazing and luxurious homes, but they fail in making their bathrooms look like a part of their house just because they don’t pay much heed to the design and structure of it.

If you talk about home improvement, you’ll know that the bathrooms of a house are considered to be an essential element in making the whole house look elegant and luxurious. In a nutshell, you cannot miss out on the design and the build of your bathrooms at any cost.

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Now, if you are someone looking for some beautiful small bathroom ideas and then you have landed on the right article. Today we are here with 70 of the most beautiful and marvelous bathroom designs that will make you drop your jaws for sure.
From master baths to powder rooms, we will cover it all for you. So, folks take notes of what we are about to reveal and pay close attention to each of our designs because you never know if you end up with a perfect bathroom idea that you’ve always wanted.

The ultimate list of 70 small bathroom ideas:

1 – Mirror Lined Bathroom

This mirror-lined bathroom will give you some severe bathroom goals for your luxurious lifestyle. The mirrors provide a bit narrow but seductive look to the bathroom, and well, it’s all very classy and unique. Moreover, if you opt for this design then make sure to put some beautiful, delicate but strong glass fittings too. This design will be the best for those people who want to make an excellent bathroom.

Mirror Lined Bathroom
These sink fitting by Kallista can help you add more style to your bathroom.

2 – Beachy White Small Bathroom Ideas

Are you someone obsessed with the color white? And are you a beach lover who likes light and peaceful environment even if it’s your bathroom? Well, if this is the case then this beachy white bathroom is all what you need. A dark window frame with a contrast of local brown stone can be some serious bathroom goals.

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Beachy White Bathroom
The picture speaks for the design itself. All peaceful and beachy!

3 – The Cali Cool

Pale purple wallpaper with a sleek purple vanity is a perfect description of a Spanish style bathroom that will make you fall in love with itself.

The Cali Cool
The use of purple color in a bathroom couldn’t get any better than this for sure.

4 – Floral And Vintage

If you are someone who just loves to have floral patterns and floral wallpapers etc around then yes, these small bathroom ideas will be the best suit for you.

Floral And Vintage
It’s vintage, it’s floral and it’s literally everything one could wish for in a bathroom to relax!

5 – The Fur Luxury

Winter is just around the corner and if you live in a place where the temperature drops a lot then yes, you’ve got to take some support of fur even in your bathroom.

The Fur Luxury
Just look at the black tub with some fur on the floor, it looks so relaxing already!

6 – The Romantic Era

Are you living with your significant other? Do you want to spice things up between you two? Well, if yes then this is the perfect romantic and reflective bathroom design for you.

The Romantic Era Bathroom
The golden flow and the red berri – ish touch is just giving all of the best love vibes!

7 – The Industrialist

If you have a spacious bathroom then this doorless shower design will suit you the best.

The Industrialist bathroom
The mirrored walls and the perfect fittings are just embracing the space of the bathroom to the fullest.

8 – The Italian Purple

Are you someone who just loves a royal and Italian look mixed altogether? Well, if yes this look at this luxurious bathroom that comes with purple walls.

The Italian Purple Bathroom
It’s antique, it’s royal and above everything the bathroom is small in size yet very elegant!

9 – The Tiled Bathroom

Just imagine cobalt blue tiles in your bathroom and the feels you will get especially in summers. The hexagonal floor tiles will be perfect if you have to build a master bathroom.

The Tiled Bathroom
Look how beautiful and elegant this bathroom looks! The greyish and bluish touch is all love.

10 – The Glam Modern Bathroom

The Glam Modern Bathroom
This style is all filled with natural and warm tones with a painting by Robert Longo.

11 – The Simple White

The Simple White - Small Bathroom ideas
Simple is always beautiful and elegant especially if it’s all white as you can see in the above picture.

12 – The Masculine Marble

The Masculine Marble - Small Bathroom ideas
Brass trim with black glass gives a very strong and masculine look like above.

13 – The Spray Paint Modern Bathroom

The Spray Paint Modern Bathroom - Small Bathroom ideas
The spray paint looks so cool and stylish all at the same time. Try this for a modern look.

14 – The Metallic Master

The Metallic Master - Small Bathroom ideas
The metallic bathroom never goes out of fashion especially if you put it all in such a unique way.

15 – The Marble

The Marble - Small Bathroom ideas
Marbles and stones always help in pulling off an amazing master – bathroom look.

16 – The Mosaic Bathroom

The Mosaic Bathroom - Small Bathroom ideas
Look how amazing the mosaic pattern looks in a small bathroom. It’s just beyond perfect.

17 – The Minimalist

The Minimalist - Small Bathroom ideas
Minimalists will always look for a minimal design and well, the above design speaks for its minimalism itself.

18 – Oak Style

Oak Style - Small Bathroom ideas
White oak cabinets and a little greyish touch is everything one could wish for in a luxury bathroom.

19 – Pink Marble

Pink marble will always be a show stealer no matter what.

Pink Marble - Small Bathroom ideas
Add some master bath fittings to it and you will end up with a magical bathroom. ‘

20 – Simple And Artistic

Simple And Artistic - Small Bathroom ideas
When simplicity combines with art, this is what you get as a result, a masterpiece!

21 – The Funky Look

It’s a Moroccan styled bathroom with some funky colored tiles and fittings mixed with white.

The Funky Look - Small Bathroom ideas
Ah! What an amazing view to die for.

22 – The Brazilian Master Bathroom

The Brazilian Master Small Bathroom ideas
Are you up for a Brazilian touch in your bathroom that is elegant and delicate too? Well, these small bathroom ideas are what you need to opt for then.

23 – The Modern Spa

Why pay for a spa when you can have one in your house?

The Modern Spa
This design will give you the proper spa feels in your bathroom without even paying for it.

24 – The Black Wood

The Black Wood Bathroom
Black wood is the best thing to use in a bathroom if you want to pull of an elegant and luxurious look altogether.

25 – The Glass Small Bathroom Ideas

The Glass Small Bathroom ideas
If you have a great view of the woods or lake outside your house then the glass small bathroom ideas are what you need to get into your mind when designing your next bathroom.

26 – Paneled Bathroom

Paneled Small Bathroom ideas
This hanging sculpture is giving us some serious artistic bathroom goals.

27 – The Violet Marble Bathroom

Isn’t it a perfect combination?

Decorating with Purple
The Violet Marble Bathroom
The marble walls and floor with a vanity and tub by Waterworks go perfect together.

28 – The Rustic California Look

The Rustic California Look
The checkerboard – painted floorboards and the rustic painting is a one valuable view.

29 – The Abstract

The Abstract Small Bathroom ideas
This is surely something that an artist would love and understand too! This bathroom is some serious art goals.

30 – Creamy And Gold Bathroom

Creamy And Gold Bathroom
If you want to take the rustic life to a whole another level then honestly, this bathroom is something to die for!

31 – A Floral Ceiling Bathroom

A Floral Ceiling Bathroom
Look how amazing the ceiling looks, it’s like you will keep staring at it whenever you enter your bathroom.

32 – Patterned Bathroom

Patterned Bathroom
A master bath with subway tiles and marble trim seems like a great idea.

33 – Marble & Wood

Marble & Wood Small Bathroom ideas
This combination is again giving us some serious bathroom goals.

34 – Smoky Bathroom

Smoky Bathroom Small Bathroom ideas
The blue Bardiglio marble is no doubt the best thing you’ll see today, all elegant!

35 – Playful Wallpaper

Playful Wallpaper bathroom idea
This playful wallpaper is giving a very Californian cool touch to the bathroom.

36 – The Storage Solution

The Storage Solution
If you have a limited storage space then this elegant wooden cabinet is what you need to put in your bathroom.

37 – The Red Small Bathroom Ideas

The Red Bathroom
This red rich bathroom is for those who find red to be very attractive. Not a bad idea to give your bathroom a classy look!

38 – The Art Deco

The Art Deco
A beautiful bathroom with some amazing fittings by Waterworks. Goals!

39 – Slop Side Bathroom

Slop Side Bathroom
Narrow but extremely classy, all the fittings are by Waterworks and well, the sink is the most attractive thing here, no?

40 – The Indian Rustic Bathroom

The Indian Rustic Bathroom
The walls, vanity and the shelves are all covered in Indian limestone plaster.

41 – Jungle Inspired Bathroom

Jungle Inspired Bathroom
This jungle inspired bathroom is basically a master bath for those who love the green leafy environment.

42 – Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic Bathroom
A master bath with a whole galvanized iron bookshelf looks like a great idea.

43 – The Spanish Small Bathroom Ideas

The Spanish Bathroom
The Spanish encaustic floor tiles and the sink together make a one perfect combination.

44 – The Nautical Bathroom

The Nautical Bathroom
The medicine cabinet in the above picture is made up of barnwood and the floor is polished with concrete.

45 – Glitzy Bathroom

Glitzy Bathroom
A master bath all designed in the classiest way possible.

46 – Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom
The tiles and the shower is all perfect and in accordance to the modern style.

47 – The Wallpaper

The Wallpaper
This wallpaper bathroom is again some serious goals, just look how amazing the pattern looks.

48 – The Rustic Small Bathroom Ideas

The Rustic Bathroom
This master bath is the best for someone who has quite a good view to long outside the window. It’s rustic and it’s amazing!

49 – The Round Mirror Bathroom

The Round Mirror Bathroom
This design can make some serious headlines, just look how unique it is.

49 – The Ornate Bathroom

The Ornate Bathroom
Beautiful and luxurious, the ornate bathroom will always be a worthy choice to make!

50 – The Charming Bathroom

The Charming Green Bathroom
Green-ish walls with a combination of white fittings, perfect it is!

51 – The All White Bathroom

The All White Bathroom
Are you obsessed with the colors white? Well, if yes then get yourself a bathroom with the white goals!

52 – Understated Bathroom

Understated Bathroom
A good choice for the minimalists out there, the bathtub is from Waterworks.

53 – Extravagant Bathroom

Extravagant Bathroom
A bathroom with a chandelier and laser – cut window panels seems like an amazing idea.

54 – The Art Bathroom

The Art Bathroom
Your favorite picture on the wall and your favorite wine in your hand when you are in the bathtub, just imagine!

55 – The Luxury Small Bathroom Ideas

The Luxury Bathroom
The luxurious material in the bathroom and the tiles are the true definition of luxury.

56 – The Spacious Bathroom

The Spacious Bathroom
It’s a bathroom which is more of a sitting area, just look how spacious it is.

57 – The light filled bathroom

The light filled bathroom
Windows and lights and white fittings, it’s the perfect combination you could ever wish for.

58 – Moroccan Fish Scales

Moroccan Fish Scales
Learn how to use the Moroccan fish scales and a make a bathroom worth praising.

59 – Vintage Master Bathroom

Vintage Master Bathroom
A perfect design for a minimalist who wants a small bathroom with luxury fittings.

60 – Simple Bathroom

Simple Bathroom
This is the simplest a bathroom can get, yet as you can see, it’s quite luxurious.

61 – The Night Lover

The Night Lover
This cannot get any better, a bathroom with a night view and stars on the ceiling!

62 – The Blue Bathroom

The Blue Bathroom
Let’s admit the fact, this design is giving us some serious beach bathroom goals.

63 – Sleek Bathroom

Sleek Bathroom
Sleek vanity, sleek design and a small bathroom, the best choice for a minimalist.

64 – Antique Bathroom

Antique Bathroom
An antique filled bathroom is something that will never go out of fashion.

65 – The Beachy Bathroom

The Beachy Bathroom
Just look how amazing this bathroom looks and feels too. It’s just the perfect choice for a beach lover.

66 – The Mirrored Bathroom

The Mirrored Bathroom
Imagine the mirrors around you and white fittings in the bathroom. Isn’t it the best thing you’d want?

67 – Wooden Bathroom

Wooden Bathroom
Fine wood and fine wooden fittings are going to be your favorite once you design your bathroom like it’s done in the picture

68 – Formal Bathroom

Formal Bathroom
It’s formal, it’s simple and it’s small in size, just how you will like it.

69 – The Designer Bathroom

The Designer Bathroom
The picture speaks for itself. It’s the perfect designer type bathroom you can have.

70 – The Forest Bathroom

The Forest Bathroom
A bathroom with the view of a forest, what else would you like a luxurious bathroom to be?

These are the 70 best small bathroom ideas that will make you fall in love with your bathroom. Pick any one of the above-mentioned designs and we assure you that you won’t regret it for the rest of your life. Moreover, again we’d suggest you to opt for a smaller bathroom as this way you will be able to save yourself some money, some floor space and you will be able to afford some luxurious fittings too.

Smaller and compact bathrooms are always the best option to choose and even managing them is easy as compared to the bigger and spacious bathrooms. You can also check how to decorate small bathrooms big time.



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